About me

Hello, world.

My name is Ronnie and I welcome you to my blog – my favourite corner of the internet. I’m many things. A daughter, a sister, a friend, a dreamer, an idealist, an optimist, a student, a writer, a musician. But most importantly, I’m a passionate human being. I’m rarely doing things half-heartedly. I either love them and do them in every single second of my free time, or I don’t really care about them at all. I tend to dream big and I often try to search for the good in everyone and everything around me. However, I never let it blind my sight. I like thinking critically, even about myself. In fact, especially about myself. I never call my dreams ‘dreams’. I prefer calling them plans. If there is something I want to achieve, I always make sure I push myself to that thing and I am always ready to work my butt off.

This blog, this corner of the internet, as I like to call it, is my sort of public diary. Not that I share every single aspect of my life with strangers, I wouldn’t like that. However, this is my safe place that I use when I need to write my way out of some mental state or situation. Because I am exactly that kind of person, who needs to write it out and put their thoughts on paper (or screen, as it is in this case).

My intention is not to become famous. I don’t even check the statistics of this blog. There are too many bloggers nowadays to be able to pursue a living this way. And it’s not even something I would like because I want this blog to be me. All those letters come from the bottom of my heart and I want it to stay this way, even if it doesn’t make me any money. This blog is made for me and those we care about what I have to say. Sometimes it’s something nice. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s bitter and complicated. But it is always the flawed and imperfect me.


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