DO WE OOO- I mean, new Doctor Who

Hey there! I know it’s been some time – well, actually a whole eternity since I wrote something here, but as I’ve told you fafillion times before, I’m a busy person. However, I’ve tried to type something a few times, but it was mostly some boring work/school stuff, so I figured out that I should wait until I have something more exciting to say. And today is the day!

Yesterday was the 16th April, which for most people meant Easter Sunday (or however is this day called in English, yup, I’m too lazy to google it), BUT for a fairly big group of people including me it was a truly special day! I’m not gonna make it even longer – yesterday, we got a brand new Doctor Who episode!

Exactly, new Doctor Who, who would have thought. It’s finally time for season 10. This season, we got a new companion called Bill. Now, let me speak about her for a while. As I was watching the new episode (brilliantly called The Pilot – I bow to whoever came up with this), I thought that she was excellent and I felt like the bond between her and the Doctor was seriously awesome. But turns out, I’m quite an exception. From what I’ve read on Edna, a lot of people hate her. There are a few good reasons – people said the acting was pretty bad, the character feels out of place etc. I got that. However, then I came across some other comments and I got furious. Someone said that he doesn’t like her because she’s a black lesbian girl. Seriously? In the 21st century, there’s still someone, who criticises a character because of her race and sexuality? Oh, man. And I thought we’re over this.

Back to the episode. The Doctor. Oh god, I love Peter Capaldi. Which is great on one hand, as I will get a handful of episodes with him this season, but awful on the other one, because he’s leaving after series 10. I love the thought of regeneration, but it irritates me at the same time. Just as I start falling in love with a character, they make him regenerate or die. Damn, it gives me strong Game of Thrones vibes.

The plot. Well, that was kinda funny. A puddle who wants to travel the space and is looking for a pilot. I’m sorry but doesn’t it sound just stupid? It does. But it was not. Because this episode was not about the puddle. I mean, sure, we need some plot and this one was one of the weaker ones, but everyone should also realise that we needed to see how the Doctor lives after the death of River Song and we needed to get to know Bill and see who she is. That’s already quite a lot of things to include in one 45 minutes long episode. I think they managed to do it quite well.

So, my overall feelings? I feel like I’m going to love Bill because she’s like a combination of Rose and Donna. I am hopelessly in love with Peter Capaldi and I will be devastated in a few months as he’ll leave the TARDIS. I couldn’t breathe after seeing the trailer and I’m very very very very very excited about this season (can we talk about freaking John Simm?). Let’s see if it’ll meet my expectations!



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