Hamilton Challenge

I’m very well aware that my last post was about Hamilton and so is this one, but hey, a musical as good as Hamilton deserves two posts in a row, right? (Not a question.) This time, I’ve decided to do a little challenge and have some fun. If you don’t know what Hamilton is about, you can probably skip this post, because it won’t make much sense. I’m sorry. Let’s get on with it!

1. Your favourite character

Well, not an easy start, to be honest! I guess I have to say Angelica Schuyler, Marquis de Lafayette or Alexander Hamilton. They are all too fabulous to choose just one.


2. Your least favourite character

Is it weird that I don’t have one? I mean… Jefferson is sometimes really annoying, but I kind of get him.

3. Your favourite ship

Definitely Angelica and Alexander. I consider this “ship thing” not only in a romantic way (although there definitely are some feels), but as in ship in general. A human connection. A friendship. A partnership. A connection of souls.

4. Your least favourite ship

I’m pretty sure it has to be Maria Reynolds and James Reynolds. She was 23, had a child with James, while he was clearly abusive and cheating on her all the time. She had to feel terrible.

5. Your favourite Schuyler sister

Oh, guys, I love all of them! Eliza is just the sweetest and kindest, Angelica is very cool independent woman… AND PEGGY – do I have to explain that?

6. Your favourite song

Again, it’s an extremely difficult question, but I think my favourite is Say No To This. It is a song about Hamilton cheating on Eliza with Maria (and many people hate it because of it), but I think it’s actually a very good song. I adore the atmosphere, which perfectly joins the lyrics and situation and it also perfectly shows that this whole affair was actually just two very exhausted and desperate human beings finding each other at the right time and letting the flow of emotion pour out.

7. Character you’d become friends with

I think I would be quite a great friend with Laurens, actually. In my opinion, my personality is quite similar to Hamilton’s, so I guess that considering his friendship with Laurens, we could be best friends as well. I guess I’ll have to travel in time to find out.

8. Character you’d go to a theme park with

HERCULES MULLIGAN! Oh my, he would destroy the theme park, but it would be so much fun! I’d actually love to do it!

9. Character you have most in common with

I know, I know… saying that you’re pretty similar to the main character is quite cheesy, but I actually am, I swear. Let me quote: “Alexander is witty, possesses a gift for gab, and savors the limelight. His talent for the expressive arts is so abundant that Hamilton may well have felt drawn to becoming an artist while still very young. Alexander Hamilton’s artistic abilities can only be developed, however, through discipline and commitment to the true development of his talent. Commitment, concentration and hard work are the only means of bringing forth his talent. Alexander is emotional and vulnerable. When hurt, he withdraws into a cloud of silence, eventually emerging from his reticence with jokes and laughter that cover up his true feelings. He can become moody and cynical when depressed. Hamilton can succumb to sarcastic remarks, which can be painful to those around him.” So me. SO ME.

10. Character you’d slap

James Reynolds. Twice and very hard. Not only for his behaviour but also for telling Jefferson and the others about Hamilton’s affair. Such a jerk.

11. Character you’d have a sleepover with

PEGGY! I don’t really know why, but I just feel like a sleepover with Peggy would be a hella big lot of fun. I guess we’d watch Disney and eat ice cream!

12. Character you’d have as a roommate

I’m pretty sure I’d invite Eliza. She seems like a really chilled out person and also the type that would cook me a dinner or do the laundry for me. Not because I wouldn’t do it but because she would just be so kind. Also, I think going out with her would be quite exciting! (And does that mean Alexander would sometimes show up as well? *wink*)

13. Character you’d want to have babies with

Alright, not a weird thing to think about at all. But, despite how strange that is, I think it would the one and only Aaron Burr (sir). Purely because he would be an amazing father. If you look up some information about his daughter Theodosia, you’ll see that she got exclusive education and was well-respected even back then, just because he made sure it was that way. No matter how many mistakes he made, he cared for those who he loved very deeply and he has my respect for that.

14. Song that made you cry

Oh, It’s Quiet Uptown. It is truly a heartbreaking song. The melody and the powerful lyrics won’t let your eyes dry. Seriously. Impossible. When I saw the actual scene from the play, I sobbed even more, because although I know that Lin and Phillipa are both very talented actors, their facial expressions and body language in this scene just broke my heart into million pieces. Truly spectacular.

15. Your favourite quote

I don’t have one. There are too many beautiful and inspiring lyrics to choose just one. Because of that, I’m going to leave you with a bunch of the best.




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