Is Coffee the Scourge of Humanity?

It’s broadly known that alcohol is the scourge of humanity since the very beginning of it. People tend to turn to alcohol as a form of emotional and physical relief, to have fun or even just for the taste of it. It brings joy and helps to relax. On the other side, if you drink alcohol too often, you can get addicted without even knowing it and it can get very dangerous. Alcohol addicts are being treated with medical care, everyone is aware of that and everyone tries to be in control of their drinking, so they don’t end up like that. Then let me ask one question. What about all the other addictions we overlook or don’t give deserved importance onto?

I think nowadays a new addiction is slowly increasing and that is coffee. Whenever people are stressed, depressed, sad, but even when they are happy and sociable, they tend to have a cup of coffee. As innocent as it may seem, it can quickly turn into something worse, just like everything else does if used in a large amount. The addiction to caffeine is just as serious as other addictions, yet people often dismiss it. Why? It doesn’t have instant consequences. It’s not like when you’re drunk and you can feel it. It’s not like using drugs. It’s far more complicated. You may not even know you have a problem, because it’s so common nowadays. A cup of coffee instead of breakfast, two in the morning while working, one after lunch, one in the afternoon with friends. Some days you even have some more and without really being aware of it, you’re on 6+ cups a day. It’s known that the “healthy amount” of coffee per a day is 4-5 cups, depending on how strong your coffee is, of course. However, in those 4-5 cups of coffee, you have an amount of caffeine per a whole day. What if you also drink some tea or energy drinks or eat chocolate? Too much caffeine can cause a lot of trouble: from headaches, restlessness, dizziness and anxiety to upset stomach, insomnia, fast heartbeat and tremors. Eventually, it can even cause death, but I’d say that’s too dramatic, because it would only happen if you drank 23 litres of coffee in a very short time, which is almost impossible (and even 23 litres of water in a very short time could kill you).

So, shall you quit drinking coffee? Is it actually that dangerous?

Well, it’s actually not. As much as caffeine can cause you trouble, the scientists have proven that caffeine has quite a lot of positive impact on people’s health, if used the healthy amount of 400 mg/day (4-5 cups). Caffeine lowers the risk of diabetes type 2, it reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and it can also lower the risk of liver diseases (including cancer). It also helps to cope up with depression and suicidal thoughts.

After all, if we compare the pros and cons, coffee leaves my little “study” with quite fair result. You definitely should continue drinking coffee, if you feel like it, but make sure you have a healthy lifestyle in general. Because there definitely is a difference between a person, who drinks 10 cups a day, smokes cigarettes along with it, eats fast food and doesn’t do any excercise at all and a person, who drinks 4 cups a day, does some kind of sport activity and eats clean. Just be careful and if you feel like you may start being a bit dependent on your cuppa, just take a week or two off it. I did so and since then, I don’t really drink coffee that much, because I discovered I drank it just because I was used to it and it hugely affected my sleeping schedule and how rested I felt afterwards. Now, I only drink a cup with my family when I get home from school and I can confirm I have a lot better sleep and I feel less tired during the day.

Hope it can help some of you, who are going through something similar! Have a nice day! 😉


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