New Year, new m-eh, screw it

A new year has come and that means a lot of people are making their New Year’s resolutions. All of these resolutions to start working out, eating healthy and studying every day may seem really cool, but let’s face it, they will most likely last until February, maybe not even that long. Therefore, I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions. I feel like people just put too much pressure on the beginning of the year. They feel like some magic happens when the clock strikes 12 and suddenly the date changes to a bigger number. Plot twist: no magic happens. I believe that if someone actually wants to change something, they will find the will and time to do it any day, any month – not necessarily on New Year. I believe in constant improvement. Only when you work on yourself every day, you can achieve something and it doesn’t happen in a day, it takes time.

However, what I do like to do on New Year is to reflect on the previous one. Speaking in global manner, 2016 was quite a bad year. There was a lot of suffering and death, attacks and global viruses, migration crisis, Donald Trump got elected, Great Britain decided to leave the European Union and we saw many, many  more very frustrating and sad moments.

On the contrary, my personal 2016 was phenomenal. I genuinely think it was the best year of my life so far. And I know I said it about 2015 as well, but 2016 was even better than 2015. I’ve mentally grown quite a lot, I’ve met a lot of inspiring and motivational people and I’ve definitely become more confident about myself – my body, my mind, my opinions, strengths and weaknesses. And as for the new year, 2017, I feel extremely excited and motivated and I definitely feel like it is going to be a good year for me again.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about 2017 a lot and I’ve decided to actually set myself some resolutions. However, by setting them, I don’t feel compulsory to start on the 1st of January and finish on the 31st of December. My point of view is kind of bit more wide range. These resolutions are not just for this year, they are for me. My life. I may achieve it this year, I may not. I don’t want to put the pressure on myself. These resolutions and the fact that they will from now on be written right here, means that I will be reminded to try to achieve them. By making them public and writing them down, it kind of makes them definite and real.

Resolution no. 1: Slow down and learn to say no
I’ve been a part of some amazing projects and I’m working on a few more, yet lately, I’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. The problem lies within me, I guess. Well, I know. I have this kind of bad habit. Any time there is an exclusive opportunity offered to me, I agree without any second thought. I want to do and experience everything and it makes me really excited, but I often forget that I’m still a human and I can’t do everything at once. From this year on, I want to learn to say no to opportunities if I know I won’t have enough time for them. I need to slow down, focus on myself. After all, I’ll soon be graduating from high school and taking university entrance exams, which is definitely a big deal.

Resolution no. 2: Travel
I do want to travel. I don’t have enough money to go everywhere I would like to, but I try to live by a simple rule “every year, go somewhere you’ve never been before”. So far, I’ve been successful and luckily, I already know I will be travelling in 2017 as well. I’m going to visit Bohemian paradise with my classmates, I’m going to go on a week hike in Slovak paradise with my best friend (and I’m hella excited about that) and I’m also going to go on a holiday in Croatia with my mum, aunt and cousin. And I truly believe there will be much more travelling than just that.

Resolution no. 3: Learn to play the ukulele (properly)
This (or shall I say last?) year I got a ukulele for Christmas. As you can probably tell, I’m thrilled, because I love music and I’ve been singing and playing instruments since I was a child (although I’ve never really learnt to play any of them properly. I can play the songs I know or listen to, but I can’t read notes.) To this day, I can sort of play the flute, keyboard (one hand only), accordion and now ukulele. And since the uke is easy to travel with, easy to learn and great to sign along to, I think it’s the perfect instrument for me to really focus on and learn to play it properly. I’m even thinking about learning to read the notes, actually. It’s been a week since I got the uke and I already know  20 chords and a bunch of songs… so I guess that so far, so good!

I wish you all a very happy new year full of success, peace, luck, love, health and dreams transferred into reality. Spread love, spread hope, spread faith in good, be humble, smile more and remember that the world is not just black and white. 🙂




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