Talk about 2016.

Do you believe in faith?
I do.
Otherwise, I couldn’t explain my life. Too many good things has happened to me through all the years I’m alive. Sometimes it feels like magic. Sometimes it feels like a prize for everything I do. Yet sometimes, everything collides and magically fits together as if it was already predetermined, no matter what I do. Life is weird, man. But I love it.
I love living. Not being alive. Being alive sometimes sucks. There are days, when I feel like giving up. Blowing everything I’ve worked on for so long, packing my backpack and running away. However, then there are also days, when I am truly living. Laughing with my friends. Travelling. Eating new dishes. Singing along with my friends. Making people happy. Giving people presents. Reading. Spending time with my family. Going out. Exercising. Taking care of my younger relatives. Writing. All these things and many more make me feel like I’m truly living my life to the fullest, which is something I’ve always desired to do.
This year, I:
– attended wonderful school ball
– had the opportunity to spend a few afternoon classes with foreign teacher Rachel
– got an honourable mention in a literary competition
– spent two days in Prague, attending Imagine Dragons’ concert with my best friend
– surprised my best friend on his 18th birthday with a trip to Vienna
– ran for charity
– for the third time, won a touristic race Vyškovská 50 in my age category
– joined an amateur theatre
– started participating in creating the village newspaper
– started writing articles on Edna
– went on fabulous holiday with my three best friends
– participated in this year’s feast
– attended a few wild parties
– participated in a Quarry Life Award, which means we built a lookout, did an exhibition of photos from the quarry, later on won the nationals and got two out of twelve possible honourable mentions in internationals
– started writing a book
– shoot a video for promoting a non-profit organization based in Vyškov
– became an editor of the school magazine
– visited Czech Television in Brno
– visited Zlín and its university
– attended Multimedia Day on Masaryk University and a debate about US presidential election
– read a few amazing books
– met my friend, who I haven’t seen a whole year

This, and so much more. This year has been crazy. Even crazier than the last one. I’ve had the most wonderful year so far and I would like to thank to everybody, who has somehow contributed to it. I’m grateful for such a fabulous year and I truly hope the next one is going to be even better.


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