Things I learned this summer

To be honest, this article is somethng I wrote almost three months ago. For some reason, I didn’t publish it, so I thought that I could do it now. So, here I am and these are the things I learned this summer.

1) Organizating a party with “come with whoever you want to” is a bad idea
Just on 1st August, me and my classmates organized a party in a cabin in the middle of woods. We wanted to make it big, so we told people to come with whoever they want to, the more the better. I expected that there will be a lot of people, but what I did not expect was that there will be like… 40 of them. Somehow, people from the village that was near the cabin found out that we were throwing a party and they showed up. And by showed up, I mean they brought DJ’s mixtape, disco lights, laptop with gigabytes of dance music and a few huge speakers. It all seems great, until the strangers start breaking glasses, drinking your alcohol and spraying fire extinguisher over the whole rented cabin. So, nope, don’t do it, always invite people on your own.

2) I actually enjoy dancing
At the end of September, there will be a feast in our village and this year, I joined the team and I’m in the center of things. It means that we’re planning our midnight surprise for the people that will come and we have to learn a lot of choreography, since it’s all a compilation of different songs we’re dancing to. And as I’m having rehearsals three times a week, I found out I actually do enjoy dancing. I’ve never really liked it, because I thought I’m terrible at it, but I’m starting to think that maybe, I’m not so terrible and it’s all just about being shy. We’ll see at the end of September, hopefully I won’t embarass myself too much. (13. 11. 2016 – I didn’t!)

3) People are often surprised by my true self
I found out that most of my friends from school, my village, the theatre, etc, think that I’m very quiet, reserved, well-behaved girl that spends most of her free time reading or studying. However, my closest friends would probably tell you something different. The truth is that I am very quiet, reserved and well-behaved person, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to have fun. Actually, I may have more fun that lots of those friends. Believe me or not, my school notes are usually lost, my textbookes full of random pictures and writing ideas, I read only if I want to and what I want to, I don’t like studying and I try to avoid it as much as it is possible. When it comes to partying, I’m one of the wildest ones (if I’m not in my grumpy mode, in that case please don’t talk to me). I love spontaneous adventures, hiking, camping, adrenaline activities and late night rides on a motorbike. I meditate and do yoga. I love exercising and running (although I hate it with the same amount, it’s a complicated relationship). I’m a vegetarian and I’m interested in healthy lifestyle. I play in an amateur theatre and I’m writing a novel. I love my life.

4) Looking confident is the key
As you may or may not know, I’m part of the Opatovice Quarry project in this year’s Quarry Life Award. Last week, we had a meeting with the CEO of HeidelbergCement and an ecologist, who takes care of the ecologic side of the quarry, both members of the national and international jury. My task was to inform them about the progression me and Jerry made with creating a map of the quarry and its surroundings and answer some of their questions. During that conversation, I found out a thing that lots of people have already told me about, but until you actually try, you don’t quite believe that. Making a great impression is half of the journey. Not visually (although you shouldn’t look like a homeless), but you should impress them with the way you speak and with your body language. If you speak cleearly, in meaningful sentences and with a strong, just enough loud voice and accompany with confident body language, you practically have it much more easier than you would, if you’d be quiet and shy. So, don’t worry and act like you know your bussines, even if you don’t.

5) I prefer sad music
During working on that project I always listen to music and this time, I’ve found an awesome playlist on Spotify. It’s called very optimistic – Saddest Songs Ever. Enjoy and don’t forget your tissues, they come in handy.

6) Friendship can hurt you more than relationship
This is going to be short, because I don’t really want to write about personal things of my friends. This summer, I found out that seing a friend with a broken heart and no desire to live is far worse than being in that situation by yourself. Because if you’re in that situation, you can cry and hopefully get over it after some time, but being a friend and seing one of your best mates devasted like that, knowing you can’t really help and just waiting until it gets better, is just terrible.

7) I’m an ambivert (= a person, who one day wakes up as an introvert and other day as an extrovert)
…is an option no. 1. The option no. 2 is that I’m bipolar. I don’t really know, I’m not a psychologist to decide. And I don’t even plan on seeing one. I guess I’ll just continue with my changes of mood and switching between two diametraly different characters. Ah, maybe I should actually see one. 😀

8) I hate being bored
I do. There’s nothing worse. Even when I’m on my phone or laptop, so I’m basically not that bored, I just feel empty inside. I feel like I’m wasting the precious time that I could use in a different way. Because, you know, you only live once and today will never come again. I hate myself for wasting my time. I really do.

9) Once, it’s a mistake. Twice, it’s a choice.
Again, quite a short description. If you did something once and felt terrible afterwards, never ever do it again, even if it feels like it’s a great idea at the moment, you’ll regret it. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Once, it’s a mistake. Twice, it’s a choice. A choice that will hunt you until you finally realize that you were the one who made it and hopefully will never make again.


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