Bridget Jones’ Baby

Yesterday, my mum, auntie, cousin and me went to see the new Bridget Jones movie… and hell, that was a wonderful night!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bridget and I’ve seen the two previous movies at least five times, so when I found out there’s one more movie coming to cinemas, I knew for sure that I have to go and see it. And, because my mum and aunt also know Bridget very well and I watched the previous films with my cousin on a movie night in summer, I offered to do a girls’ night and go to the cinema together. When we got to the cinema, we found out they are totally sold out, however the lovely lady told us that last reservation end in ten minutes, so if we wait here and no one comes for the tickets, we can take them. So we waited and fortunately, got our tickets to see the movie.

I expected to be a great movie, but I definitely did not expect that much fun. The whole audience was laughing out loud all the way through and even I – a person, who doesn’t like laughing in cinema – couldn’t resist and join them. The funny thing is, I kind of see myself in Bridget Jones. She’s quite successful journalist, she’s definitely an inteligent woman with great personality, but when it comes to her personal life, everything changes. She’s clumsy, awkward, in love but still single, always partying with her crazy friends and going mostly just for one-night stands. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up like this. 😀


If you’ve seen the trailer, you probably know this time, Bridget is again single, however a little bit more mature and less crazy. Well, just until she goes to a music festival with her friend and meets a charming man, who helps her from typical Bridget Jones trouble…


… and decides to listen to her friend’s advice “to fuck the first one she meets.”

A week later, Bridget meets good old Mark Darcy and even then, naughty things happen…


…and all of that ends probably a little bit different than any of them expected…


But here comes the question: who is the father – Jack or Mark?


Well, no one knows, not even Bridget. The only option is that they all work togehter for the sake of the baby, which is what happens, although the competition between Jack and Mark is pretty intense. Both of them try to show Bridget which one of them is more compatible to be the father, which leads to a lot of hilarious situations. They work together until the very end…


…and even further…


…until the Bridget Jones’ Baby is finally born and the DNA tests results known. So, who is the father? Is it loving and a bit boring lawyer Mark Darcy? Or is it charming and caring millionare Jack? You’ll have to find out on your own. 😉



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