YouTube discoveries

After a little pause, I’m back on it again with the posts. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time to do so. And, speaking of time, I always make sure there’s some time every day for me just to relax for a while, make myself a cup of tea and watch some series, or more recently YouTube videos. And since I do that every day, I get a bit bored after while, so I enjoy finding new creators every now and then. Today, I’ve decided to show you some of my top discoveries over the last three months!

1) Tom Fletcher (Tom Fletcher)
Not only he is a popular and successful singer and author, Tom Fletcher’s life also consists of being a husband and a father of two, which is beautifully portrayed on his YouTube channel. Tom’s content is usually made of vlogs and chatty videos with title “Dear Carrie”, since they are addressed to his younger sister Carrie Hope Fletcher. Tom is hilarious, incredibly talented and just makes your day a bit better.


2) Carrie Hope Fletcher (ItsWayPastMyBedtime)
Speaking of Tom, I couldn’t leave out his sister Carrie. She’s a theatre actress, a singer and an author, but she’s also a very kind and genuine human being, which she transforms into her videos. Her videos vary from vlogs through Q&As to chatty videos about her life or job, which she loves very much. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? If you’re an art-oriented person as me, you’ll definitely enjoy her videos, because they’re full of Disney, Les Mis, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and theatre life in general. The Fletcher family just knows how to do things.


3) Pete Bucknall (PetesJams)
And speaking of Carrie, here we have her boyfriend Pete. His channel doesn’t have that many subscribers, but I think that’s a major mistake, since he’s also a very talented and creative guy. His love for Disney is neverending and his voice surprises me all the time – if not anything else, please just check out his cover of Javert’s Stars from Les Mis. Please.


4) Lousie Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter)
I’ve known Louise’s channel for about two years now, but I’ve never really liked it, to be honest. She just seemed too “sweet and childish” in her videos, although in other people’s vlogs, she seemed like a very interesting, cheerful and funny human being. About a month or two ago, she decided to change her channel and she started to create more adulty videos and I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate this change very much and I feel like it suits her better. She’s one of the most experienced YouTubers I know – being married, divorced, having a lovely daughter and managing to go through all of this along with being in the spotlight is truly a brave move and I think she has a lot to say.


5) Dodie Clark (doddleoddle)
Having Tom, Carrie and Pete above, all of them great singers, let me introduce you to one more. Her name is Dodie Clark and if you’re expecting some cool pop singer, you should probably look somewhere else. Dodie has a specific kind of songs, she also makes her own songs and they’re mostly very well done (both writing and singing). She has even sung a song with Carrie! Apart from the songs, Dodie makes regular videos on her channel, too. She chats about everything and anything, all of that being very interesting, so you should definitely see what she’s up to next.


I hope you’ll use my tips and find some interesting creator that you like and if you do so, don’t hesitate to let me know, we can have a glorious chat!


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