Yup, the time of the year is finally here and you wouldn’t believe how glad I am. Although… I’m quite upset, because I won’t have a part-time job these holidays (=no money for me). On the other hand, at least I have a lot of free time, which I will definitely need, since I still have work to be done through the holidays.

Firstly, let’s talk about the exciting things. I successfully finished this school year with straight A’s report and a formal praise from our headmaster for work for my class and representation in the literary competition Cedník. Damn, not gonna lie, that feels so good. I sound like a proud nerd, don’t I? I’m not, I swear. I don’t even study that much. Just ask my friends, I’m paradoxically always the one, who doesn’t have homework, doesn’t know what to study, doesn’t have the study materials and eventually doesn’t even come to school just because why should I, right? Umm… nevermind, let’s move on. Tomorrow, I’m leaving for a week holiday with my squad! I’m SO excited. I’ve never been on a holiday without my parents or any other adult. I mean, I was away for two weeks without my parents (a summer camp), but that’s something different. We rented a cabin near Vranov, which is a huge dam. I’ve already been to Vranov with my grandparents, but I’m much more excited now, when I’m going with the girls. This is going to be mad. If I’ll survive, you can expect a lot of photos and a very funny report.

Snímek obrazovky (102)
i LOVE packing!

Secondly, apart from writing a novel (yay!) and my usual work for the newspapers, I was offered another exclusive opportunity. Near Vyškov, there is a huge quarry and some people, including chemistry teacher from my school, are doing some scientific research in there. They are planning to create a nature trail around the quarry and they need someone to make all the maps, which will be on the boards that will be standing along the trail. My former class teacher came to me the other day and said that he told them Jerry and I are very good with creating maps, so they agreed with offering this job to us. And you bet we agreed, so… imagine that we are going to be making maps for a nature trail around a quarry. Our names are going to be on the boards! That is insane. If you told me a month ago, I wouldn’t believe you. In fact, I still can’t believe that I’m up to something so huge at the age of 16 and I believe Jerry is as excited as I am. You may say: “Meh, just some maps…”, but this little achievement means so much to me, you know? It makes me happy.  🙂

That’s just a little info what you can expect to hear from me during summer. Of course, there are going to be a lot of parties, cycling trips and other exciting events, so stay tuned!


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