XoXo Production: John Amos Comenius

It’s finally the time I tell you guys about the project me and my friends have been working on for last month or so. Me, Jane, Michelle, Iva and Jerry are all sort of interested in film making. Jane acts in an amateur theatre, I’m part of an amateur theatre as well, but I don’t have a role yet, however I enjoy brainstorming ideas and writing, Jerry is a good photographer and he’s a master at editing videos and Michelle and Iva are both good actresses and they are very helpful when it comes to the behind the scenes work. Together, we’re not only a bunch of very good friends, but we’re also well working team, when it comes to serious projects. Every single one of us brings something to the group and we really enjoy working together. We’ve already filmed a few sketches, but when I look at them back now, I wouldn’t necessarily put that stuff online. Since then, we improved our acting skills and our gadgets and became a little bit more serious about it.

The reason I am taking you through all of this is, we were offered an awesome opportunity to shoot a funny little sketch to promote a foundation called Tři brány, which operates in Vyškov. We instantly agreed, because one doesn’t usually put such an opportunity down. They didn’t specify how they wanted it to look like, so we took it under our wings. Firstly, there was this hilarious idea that me and Jane made up while shopping after school. It was just a joke, but when we told the rest of the gang, they said we should actually do it. It was funny, it was gentle and as they said – a good way to speak to people. So we teamed up again, one of our classmates – Veronika – joined us and we began the long process of making this idea into a sketch.

After two months, we finally have the final product and you have the exceptional opportunity to watch the video before anyone else. I hope you’ll like it. If so, you can leave us some comment and even better – send some money to the foundation. It doesn’t have to be much, every coin counts. Thank you very much. 🙂


Snímek obrazovky (92)

PS: We obviously made it for free and we don’t have any credit from it. Just saying.


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