Late night poetry

I’ve never been a fan of poetry. I’ve always thought it’s boring and it doesn’t really make sense. I’ve thought it’s useless and it’s only taught at school, because they teach a lot of useless stuff anyway. It all has changed. I remember it very well, it was a late summer night – one of those night when it’s too hot to sleep and the night sky is too beautiful not to watch. I was sitting by a window in our dinning room, watching the stars and everyone else in our house was already asleep. I turned on my mobile and the only person, who was online at this late hour was my friend Jason from Australia. I texted him. He was drunk and he was in a very specific inspiring and poetic mood. We chatted a lot and he sent me some of his poems. I read them all, despite that I didn’t like poetry before. I fell in love with them. The way he used language to describe what he felt was incredible. That night, he inspired me to do the same and since, I finally found out the real meaning of poetry. I think poetry is not about the reader. Not at all. Poetry is a way to express yourself in a way that is closest to your heart, no matter what others think of it. Poetry is a pure explanation of people’s fears, passions, loves and sins. It doesn’t even have to be grammaticaly correct or make sense. As long as you like it, it’s fine.

I’ve already shown you two of my poems and today, I’ll show some more. The first one is called Good days are coming. I wrote this one when I was sitting in an entrance hall, waiting for results of a geography competition. I’m not sure where did the inspiration come from, I just know I was really bored and I had a pen and a piece of paper, so I started writing.

I’m sitting here
with no faith or hope
willing to leave,
but I have no choice,
because I am who I am
and there are those rules,
I wish I could fight them,
but all I do
is I daydream,
I write,
I create what I like,
I reveal my deep secrets
to people I don’t know
and I feel better,
I feel like I glow,
cause I do what I like
and what I enjoy,
my future seems bright
and my past is no more
the reason I’m sad,
the reason I fall,
because good days are coming
and well, that is all.

The second one is called One life to live. This poem was written one very sad and depressing night, when I felt alone and abandoned (I can clearly feel it again). It used to be dedicated to a specific person, but that’s only history nowadays.

One life to live,
one chance to take,
one person to love,
no time to waste.

That’s all we have:
a few years ahead.
So why don’t you take
what’s in front of your head?

I know you’re scared,
but so am I,
we should just do what it takes
and don’t care about
how it seems or
what they think.
This is our chance
and we can’t miss it,
it’s the only way we can win.

It’s hard to believe,
but I won’t break your heart.
I’ll be your angel,
who guards you in the dark.

One life to live,
one chance to take,
one person to love
that’s what we should make.

Forget the fear,
forget the pain,
we should try hard
again and again.

Last one for today was made in a very boring history class, because in my history classes, I actually never do history. I write, draw, read, text with someone or check social media – basically everything else than history. Quite sad, I guess. However, it’s called Fallen Angel.

His strings were broken.
His sight was covered in the dark.
His chest was open.
You could see his beating heart.

 That’s when she came
and tried to heal his soul.
She stayed all day
and didn’t let him go.

Her smile healed his sight.
Her laugh repaired the strings.
Her tears healed his heart
and her love gave him new wings.



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