Why am I excited about summer

I feel incredibly stressed out by school, so I though I would do a bit of self-calming post and chat a little about things I’m excited about or I’m looking forward to. Let’s just name them all, as they pop in my head…

1) I’ll finally read those books I’ve been planning to read for a few months already.
2) I’ll watch all seasons of Game of Thrones, so I can catch up on new episodes.
3) I’ll rewatch Doctor Who for the 546456516 time.
4) I’ll do morning workouts.
5) I’ll make pancakes for breakfast.
6) I’ll go for a run every now and then.
7) I’m going on a freaking holiday with my three best friends!
8) I’ll throw an awesome party.
9) I’ll go to awesome parties.
10) I’ll swim every week.
11) I’ll finish my secret project.
12) I’ll plan a ton of stuff for my blog.
13) I’ll learn my script, so I can focus on acting.
14) I’ll play the accordion.
15) And hopefully learn the notes again.
16) I’ll meet up with some of my internet buddies.
17) I’ll go to the teahouse with people from HOCZ.
18) I’ll play HOCZ.19) I’ll throw Annie’s birthday party.
20) I’ll reorganize my room.
21) I’ll decorate my room.
22) I’ll visit my brother.
23) I’ll improve my language skills (English, Spanish and even French).
24) I’ll visit my cousin’s daughter, who is the cutest human being on this planet. I love her so much ^^
25) Oh gosh, I’m so looking forward to visiting her again. She’s such a cutie. You guys should see her laughing, I’m dead every time she laughs.
26) I’ll visit my other cousin and we’ll go and see Me Before You in outdoor summer cinema.
27) I’m pretty sure I’ll make my old friend go an a cycling trip with me.
28) I’ll write the freaking script for our short film.
29) I’ll travel to some cool places in the Czech Republic.
30) I’ll make Jerry come and go for a photo hunt with me (so I can borrow his camera, muhahaha – just kidding, Jerry, trust me)
31) I’ll eat tonnes of fruit and vegetables.
32) I’ll learn how to cook some new vegetarian recipes.
33) I’ll finally watch Harry Potter in original.
34) And Me Before You and How To Be Single and Sisters (because that one was hilarious)
35) I’ll… have the best summer ever.

Huh, feeling much better now, to be honest. 😀 You’re welcome for spending a few minutes of your life reading my 35 self-motivational reasons to stay alive until the rest of this week, because it’s been crazy so far. Wish me luck, I’m taking all the tests and having all the due dates for papers. Have a lovely week, bye!


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