Let’s talk about Orlando

Mass shooting in a gay club in Orlando, almost 50 dead people, 50 other people injured, panic, sadness, tears, homophobia, guns, politicians, religion, extremism, thoughts and prayers. This is how you could describe this whole thing in a few words. Before I say what I want to, I’d like to point out that – of course – I feel sorry for the tragically dead people, their families and friends and everyone who was related to them, I really do. However, more than it made me sad, it made me incredibly angry.

Firstly, the thought of someone attacking and killing people just because of their sexual orientation is something disgusting and terrifying. Although I’m not a member of the LGBTQ community, I think I’m a very open-minded person and I’m the last one to judge because of person’s sexual orientation. I have several friends – gay, lesbian and bisexual – and none of them is somehow different from my other friends. I don’t understand how people can hate someone for being gay. Why? What is different about that person? He is a human being just like everyone else. He does everything just the same way as everyone else. The only difference is that he likes guys instead of girls, which is – by the way – a personal thing that shouldn’t invade his overall behaviour. Why should a gay person have different rights than everyone else? Why couldn’t he marry a person he loves? Why couldn’t he hold hands or kiss person he loves in public, when everyone else does that? Why? I seriously don’t understand this “logic”. I wish somebody would explain brain processes of homophobic people to me.

Secondly, I can’t describe how angry I am because of the fact that the gunman was under the sight of FBI and members of his family knew he was planning to do an attack – and yet, no one stopped him. If it’d be the first case, then okay, I get it, but I feel like this happens every single time when someone attacks somebody. They’re always like “Oh, yeah, we said that guy is dangerous.” and I’m like “Well, thanks for telling us after he shot 100 people, I appreciate that.” I understand they can’t arrest him until they are sure he is planning something, but tell me they can’t at least keep an eye on what he does. Also, let’s discuss that SWAT team that arrived to Orlando three hours after the first bullet was shot. Three hours. What did take them so long? Again, I don’t get this world.

Thirdly, I hate that people judge everyone so quickly based on his appearance, skin, sexual orientation, religion and nationality. This is going to sound really mainstream, but please, don’t judge people by their religion. This is not a fault of the religion, this is the fault of extremism. Let’s take a moment and remember Hitler. He was a Christian and he brutally killed 6 millions of Jews. And do you know Stalin? He was a Christian theology student and he’s responsible for death of 20 millions of people. And let’s just take a moment and think about Crusades. So many Muslims killed by Christians. Does that make every Christian bad? I guess not. A lot of high-ranking Christian people don’t even take those – Hitler, Stalin and Crusades – as an act of Christian people. They say those were just fanatics that didn’t even fulfill the Christian values, so they were not allowed to call themselves Christians. But isn’t that what most of Muslims say about terrorists? From what I’ve heard, Muslims living in Europe mostly say that they’re sorry and ashamed, but the people who are killing and bombing are not true Muslims and they shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves like that, nor say that they act in the will of Allah. See the similarity? And still, people throw all Muslims into one big box saying “dangerous, extreme, mean, crazy, we should kill them all.”

Fourthly, which is paradoxically the thing that made me angry the most, I think people are so stupid. Everyone keeps saying he sends his prayers and thoughts and he feels with the families, but for God’s sake, how can this help? I feel like it’s almost a “trend” – all those hashtags #prayfororlando. I got it, you want to show you care, but why don’t you actually do something? How do you think you will help by saying that you are thinking about them? Uh, whatever, when it comes to ordinary people, I kind of get it – there are not so many options how you can help, but just think of those freaking politicians. With their power and so many people listening to them, they could help so much more! But all they do is they say they are sorry and sad. That feels like they do it just because they have to. To show the people that they are not careless idiots. They are, though.

This article doesn’t have a point. I didn’t want to make it, but I couldn’t resist. All I want to say is – instead of being all sorry and sad and showing it to the whole world on Facebook or Twitter, go and do something. If you’re just a teenage student like me, go and chat with your friends or family about this – explain to them that labels don’t work and they can’t take every Muslim as a terrorist. If you have any LGBTQ friend, go and talk to them, support them, show them your love. If you have any kind of public form of expressing yourself (blog, YouTube channel), take some time and make a short (can be pointless as mine) text/video. Just please, do something.

Thanks for reading through. We are the generation that is capable of big changes. Let’s all make a difference in this world. 



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