Would You Rather Tag #2

Howdy, munchkins! Look, I know it’s been a while, but it’s the time of exams and final projects at school, so I’m pretty busy (also as you know with all the other stuff, plus one more I haven’t told you about yet). However, I’ve finally found some time for my blog and today, we’re going to have a look at some Would You Rather type of questions and I’m gonna do my best to answer them honestly.

1) Would you rather take a freezing shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be rested?
This question is so funny. The answer is pretty obvious, because I wake up every day at 5AM and to be rested, I’d have to go to sleep around 9PM, which is not possible for me, so I always end up going to bed around 10 – 11PM and then being tired the whole next day. Great.

2) Would you rather be a giant hamster or tiny rhino?
Tiny rhino, because who doesn’t love tiny animals, right? Imagine being a giant hamster. Everyone would like to kill me. Nah.

3) Would you rather tell your best friend lie or tell your parents truth?
I’m quite okay with both. I’m not afraid to tell my best friends a bit of a lie, I mean… sometimes it’s necessary. I guess it’s just not telling the truth, though. And my parents – well, me and my mum are basically best friends, so I can tell her absolutely everything, counting my school, alcoholical and even sexual life. I’m fine.

4) Would you rather be on a stranded island or with someone you hate?
Even though I don’t have anyone particular in my mind, who I would hate, I would choose the stranded island. I can be very social person, but on the other hand I also love being on my own. I like to think a lot, read, write, hum songs, play accordion or just wander around and I don’t need anyone to be my company.

5) Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?
I know the answer might be pretty clear, but I can’t really say. I mean, yeah, I would like to find true love, but the question is… does such a thing even exist? Because I feel like it doesn’t. Everywhere I look, I see people breaking up and shouting at each other or pretending to be a satisfied and happy pair, but being broken inside. It makes me think about existence of those words – true love. What is it? How do you know you’ve found one? How can you say it’s not just another usual love, that’s going to end with a breakup?
There still is a little part of my mind that keeps the romantic idea of finding a perfect guy, marrying him, having two children and spending the rest of our lifes together, but the majority of my mind usually counts with the more realistic way – seemingly perfect guy, spontaneous love, romantic relationship, breakup, done. Repeat.
Give me the million bucks, at least I will be able to publish my book one day.

6) Would you rather publish your diary or make a film on your most embarrassing moment?
I can’t choose which one is worse. In my diary, there is just a lot of stuff, that would be useless to other people, but for me, those words mean world. I wouldn’t mind if it was published, people mentioned inside usually know what I think of them, so that wouldn’t be such a horror.
On the other hand, my most embarrassing moment? Jesus Christ, that was awkward. I’m not sure if I should tell you, some people might read this. Pf, whatever. Firstly, let me tell you that I was like eleven and I was stupid and bored, also at this point of time, I had quite a crush on my class teacher. So, what I did was – me and my friends went to my class teacher’s mother-in-law’s house, we rang the bell and we ran away. Well, his mother-in-law wasn’t stupid, so she just casually walked a few meters behind her house and caught us. I will never forget the moment when we saw her and I freaked out and almost started hysterically crying. Oh my god, that’s awkward. However, she gave us a little speech about impoliteness and stuff and basically scared the hell out of us – or at least me. When I got home, I felt incredibly guilty and scared. Guilty because of that woman, but scared that my class teacher may hear that story and recognize it was me and my friend. I couldn’t sleep and I was thinking about it all night.
The next day, I came to my friend and said: “Hey, look, I’m feeling terrible about yesterday, we have to apologize to her.” Thankfully, she felt the same way, so we agreed to meet in the afternoon and come to her house once more, now with a big sorry. We bought a big chocolate and came to her house. We rang the bell. She opened the door and looked very unimpressed – she probably thought we’re pranking her again. Then I said we are truly sorry for our behaviour and I gave her the chocolate, but she refused to take it, opened it and gave it to us. She said it is okay, but we shouldn’t do it again. We chatted for a while and then we left. I was finally relieved and relaxed, going to the bus station, when I accidentally crashed into someone on the street. I looked up and it was him – our class teacher, going to visit his mother-in-law. I freaked out again. I was sure she will tell him and even more sure he will connect my appearance on this particular street with his mother-in-law’s story.
The next day, when I came to school, he smiled at me in a very strange way, but he has never told me anything. I think he knew, but it was also clear that it was just a stupid childish game and that I freaked out so much I wouldn’t be able to do it again… and I didn’t, duh.
PS: Dear class teacher, in case you’re reading this, I’m sorry for such a trouble with your mother-in-law. 😀


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