You have to hear this.

Yup, I have again discovered new music. I would not necessarily share my music discoveries with you, guys, but I feel like this time, I have to do it. The artists are too good not to show you. Before I even start with naming, I would like to point out that most of you probably won’t like them. Nowadays, everyone listens to slightly different kinds of music – pop, rap, dubstep, house and I don’t even know any other names of those “musical genres” as they are called. In last few weeks or months, I kinda settled down for a bit and instead of listening to my usual favourites such as Pink, Nickleback, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, I started discovering beginning singers with not so many listeners and I fell in love with them. All of them produce mostly slow, chilled out vibes – sometimes cheerful, sometimes a little bit depressing. So, don’t be surprised if you finish this post with “what the actual hell” face. I know and I’m sorry for the suffering, but these songs are written deep in my heart.

1) The Mowgli’s
Let’s start with the more cheerful side. The Mowgli’s is an alternative rock band from California. They have seven members and they started producing music in 2010. Their songs are known for sharing a very good mood and cheering you up just when you need it the most. Here are my two most favourite songs by The Mowgli’s – I’m Good and San Francisco.

2) Amir
I’ve heard about him because of the European song contest Eurovision. He represents France with his song J’ai cherché. Handsome singer, French lyrics and a catchy song, holy mother of Jesus, you can’t do this to me! I could literally watch him over and over again. As for his musical career, he finished third in the French version of The Voice and he’s a musician since 2006. Not a beginner at all.

3) Jesse Ruben
This guy is soooo goood. I literally have no idea how he’s not famous already. His voice is incredibly nice to listen to. Check out his song This Is Why I Need You:

4) Halsey
Let’s move on to the deeper music. This is one of my newest discoveries, because in fact, I heard her song for the first time like… yesterday. However, I think she’s really perspective and she can end up really famous. Halsey is only 21 years old and she has been writing songs since she was 17. She started her musical career in 2014, so she’s totally new to the scene. I have also just found out that she supported Imagine Dragons on their North American tour in 2015. Pity she didn’t come to Prague, I could see her. But now, here are my two favourite songs: Colors and Castle.

5) Melanie Martinez
Now, prepare for a shocking change. Melanie is a very different kind of singer. Her lyrics are totally creepy and pretty depressing, so be careful with listening to them. However, I really appreciate them. I have never heard so realistic expression of life made into a song. The metaphors and secret hints she uses in every single sentence or music video are impressing. However, there’s one thing I don’t like about her and that’s the way she presents herself in her videos. I know it’s the part of her music vision, but it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. However, I guess everything she does, every word she puts in her songs, makes me kind of uncomfortable, so in fact, maybe that’s the reason why I like her. I don’t know. I just feel like she’s a really interesting and entertaining artist, she’s creative and innovative and I’m looking forward to hearing about her more and more in the future. To be fair, she’s not the best singer, because her voice doesn’t have really have a wide range, but let’s be honest… music is not just about the voice and with the type of songs she sings, her voice sounds perfect. My most favourite songs are Dollhouse and Alphabet Boy.

PS: Sorry for not posting on Wednesday, lately I’ve been very busy with working on some exciting project. I’ll hopefully show you the result by the end of May. Hopefully, not for sure, though.


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