Present or History?

Today, I made another social experiment. I asked a few people a simple question. Everyone took my question in a slightly different way and people came up with very interesting responses. Grab a cup of tea, sit comfortably and have a look at the answers.

(Disclaimer: The answers are freely translated, so they’re not word by word by the respondents.)

If you could choose, would you like to live in the present or the history? Why?

Thomas: “History, because I could fix my own mistakes.”
I can’t really agree with that. I would not like to fix my own mistakes. I believe in some kind of destiny/karma and that means that if you make a mistake, it’s because something needs to change. Every mistake you make gives you experience and shapes your personality a bit. Without the mistakes, it wouldn’t be you, Tom.

Jerry: “Present, because even if it would be really cool to live in ancient Rome or Greece, the opportunities we have nowadays are phenomenal.”
Yeah, the opportunities are phenomenal, but wouldn’t we be happier if we did not have them? Wouldn’t we be happier if there was still so much to discover? Imagine living through the first landing on the moon, through the DNA discovery, how amazed you would be? Nowadays, when NASA says they landed on Mars, everyone is like “meh, whatever, that’s not gonna help me fix my grades.”

Radek: “Present, because I love new things and also, as you live, the bad experiences slowly disappear and the good ones stay with you forever.”
These words are pretty wise, I couldn’t agree more.

Lucas: “History. I know it was not so sweet and harmless as we idealize it now, but there is something magical about it. Castles, palaces, pretty ladies, knights, fights and so on. I would like to live there. That’s also maybe the reason, why I love books by authors such as Tolkien, Paolini, Flannagan. Definitely not in the future, because we are already doing quite badly and it will only be worse.”
As a woman, I can’t say I’d love to live in those times. I would be scared even to go down the street, because I’d bet there would be someone waiting around the corner, who would like to kill or rape me. Potentially both. If I had the rights of nowadays women and I got to those times, then maybe, but I definitely wouldn’t like to live as a woman in those times.

Iva: “Present, because in history, there is a pretty big chance you would born as someone’s servant. Someone could even pour urine on your head. You don’t want that, do you?”
Buddy, you always have a good point. I really don’t want urine on my head. However, imagine being born as a cowboy, sailer or the royal chef. Adventure!

Romča: “Probably in present, because even if the history has a few interesting epochs, modern age is more comfortable and easier to live in. You have so much more portunities that you did not have before. On the other hand, there are more existantial crisis, but they’re livable.”
I feel like people should talk way more about those crisis, depression, anxiety and just mental health in general. Everybody… actual everybody has some kind of mental problem he’s afraid to talk about. And sometimes the talk can be everything he needs. We need to be more open a supportive about this topic and then, we may be able to fix it.

Hanka: “History, probably in like… romantism. I like the way they were dressed and I just like this epoch in general.”
Personally, I would like to have so heavy dress. Imagine how awful it must be, when you need to pee really quickly.

Monča: “Probably in history, because nowadays, people are way too much addicted to internet and all these kinds of technology. I like vintage things, so I guess I’d like living in the past. However, fifty years back is enough.”
Fifty is not enough, I’d go with one hundred and fifty – half of the 19th century is my epoch.

Simbro: “Definitely in present, because there are certain events I wouldn’t like to live through again. History is history and that’s how it should stay.”
Well, sometimes reliving some moments can be very helpful. It may strengthen you up a bit.

Koudy: “I would like to try to live at the end of 18th century or in 19th century, but I couldn’t actually live there, because I’m already dependent on the modern age. Life nowadays is incredibly quick and it doesn’t wait for anyone.”
Indeed, man.

Eva: “I would definitely choose to live in present, because otherwise I wouldn’t have such opportunities I have today. And also, it’s time when there are no wars or extreme political systems in our country.”
You’re actually the only one, who mentioned wars and politics, and you are merely right. This is quite good reason to be glad for living in the present.

Vojta: “Present, because it’s more comfortable and you have more opportunities. If you want, you can do everything you dream about.”
Yeah, but do you really think you can be anything you dream about? I mean… sometimes you need to work really hard since you are literally 6 years old, so I don’t think you can do anything. However, yeah, you definitely have more opportunities than before.

Jane: “Present, because we have more opportunities, you can watch a film whenever you want, you can communicate with people on the other side of the world. Also, we’re not so judgmental anymore, people finally accept others as they are. Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter if you are gay, straight, bisexual, trans, a man in a woman body, a woman in a man body, whatever.”
I mean… YEAH.

And what is my opinion on the matter?

Well, I’d prefer the history, especially around 1840. Women had pretty good rights, there was no serious war or political system, it was the time, when (in our country) writers, actors and journalists were becoming important and popular. People used to be very patriotic and they also used to go to the theatre a lot. So, it kinda seems like my epoch. And why do I even prefer history over present? Well, I think that people were more interested in each other, they used to be happier and less stressed. However, I would really miss films and TV series (but I guess I would be okay with the theatre.)


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