Life in modern age

In life, there are so many moments we waste, because we don’t pay enough attention or because we are too scared to try new things. There are so many missed opportunities, because someone told you you’re not good enough, old enough or inteligent enough. That irritates me. As a young person, growing up in quite open society with variety of choices, I see all the opportunities I’m offered and I try to take as many as I can.

Sometimes it all gets too overwhelming and I feel like I want to give up everything and don’t care, living like the majority of people at my age, but then I usually realize that this is not how I want to live. Everyone has only one life to live, so we all should get as much as we can out of it. That’s the reason, why I do all the stuff I do. I write on blog, because I love it and I adore when someone tells me that I made his day or that he laughed while reading it. These little things that prove to me that all of the effort I put inside this little project is worthy. I write some articles for Edna, because it’s an incredible opportunity to grow some contacts, get experiences and it is also diametraly different type of work, so it is one big adventure. Today, I have a meeting about writing for our village’s newspapers, because I care about it and I want to bring some young, fresh blood to the redaction. I occasionally write for the school newspapers, I also write some drafts I keep in my drawer.

However, taking opportunities is not only about work, it’s mainly about life experiences. I’m sometimes told crazy and laughed at, but what would life be if we wouldn’t be a bit spontaneous?
Yeah, I jumped in a freezing pond in my underwear in the middle of April. It was fun and I don’t regret any second of it.
Yeah, I jumped of a rock into flodded quarry and I got almost hit by some pine. No regret (actually, I jumped once more later on).
Yeah, I got quite drunk and then went for a hunt to take a selfie with the moon.
Yeah, me and my bestfriend ordered pizza at 1AM.
Yeah, we went for a midnight walk to the cementary and freaked out so much we nearly died.
Yeah, I went on a random party, where I danced with my drunk brother and his girlfriend (I mean… we actually danced together all three of us #thirdwheelingalltheway).
Yeah, I went on a random trip to Vienna with my bestfriend and did not tell him until the day we were leaving.
Yeah, I spent a weekend in Prague with my bestfriend, spontaneously getting lost in small streets and parks.

All of that, every single moment I’ve named and lots more, are beautifully written in my memory as moments and acts I did with almost no planning and enjoyed so much that I can’t even explain. And I guess… or I believe, I’d say, that this is what life is about. Making those choices to do something crazy and fun, to spend time with your friends and family living in present, enjoying every single second spent with them. You never know when your life is going to the end. It can be today, it can be tommorow, it can be in a few months, years. But one thing is for sure: one day, it will. And so do everything you can to enjoy your life until this day comes. Because if you don’t enjoy your life, if you do something that doesn’t make you happy, what’s the point of doing it? I know, not everyone can be happy about everything, but I believe that being happy isn’t a thing you become. It is a thing you choose. You wake up every morning and you choose if you’re happy or not. How may times did you wake up and thought ‘Man, today is going to be horrible. I will totally fail that test/my boss will be so mad at me/I won’t be able to do this and that…’? What would happen if you’d choose differently? What if you just said to yourself that today is going to be the best day ever, you are going to achieve everything you want and you are going to feel amazing the whole way through? To be happy is your choice, so make it.

One more thing I want to talk about is mobile phones. A lot of you guys know that I’m mostly against the time spend behind the screen of a mobile phone. Sadly, I received one as a present for Christmas and since that time, everything has changed. I can actually feel the difference. Before, when I had no access to the internet and I certainly did not care about the wifi signal, I was so much more happier. I was in less stress, I did not feel te urge to look every now and then if someone hasn’t texted me. Before, I would look at the phone once in two days, answer those missed calls and texts and continue living. Nowadays, I’m really sad to admit that I’m kinda addicted. However, I don’t want to only shame the modern technologies, because they actually make a big difference. I have quite a lot of friends living far away from me. Some of them I haven’t even met in real life, but we know each other for more than 3 years, so I’m not really affraid to call them my friends. Without the technology, I wouldn’t be able to talk to them, to get to know them, I wouldn’t even know they exist. And that’s a really scary idea, because with some of them, I just feel like bestfriends, like soulmates. We are so similar and so connected, we share the same humour, the same sarcasm and irony, the same music, book and film taste, we share the life struggles and goals. With some of them, I’m more friends than with some of my ‘real’ friends. So I’m glad I live in an age, when this is all possible. Basically, without the technology, I wouldn’t be even talking to you, guys.

The modern age has changed the society, but I can’t say it’s worse or better. It’s just different. It is how it is.


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