Literary competition Cedník 2015

Some of you have been asking me about the competition and the April Fools’ Day joke, because you thought I’m really so upset as I wrote. I wanted to clarify that and make sure there are no misunderstandings.

As for the facts, I ended up with honorable mention, which basically means 4th place. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed, but I definitely was not upset. There is one big difficulty with literary competitions and that is that everyone likes different kinds of stories and everyone relates in a different way, so it is very difficult to choose the winner. Also, there were almost thirty stories, most of them very good, unique and well-written and out of those almost 30, they honored six and I was one of them, so I definitely can’t be sad about it.

When I look back at those other winning stories, they are all kinds of what I did not want to write about. They were all mysterious metaphorical stories with complex thought and that is exactly what I said I do not want to make this year. I said to myself, that this year, I want to write a proper realistic story with no fantasy, no metaphors, no difficult thought, just straightforward and intense storyline, which will make you feel something. And I can say I made it, because I may not won the competition, but I made six or seven people cry, which means a lot to me and what more, my mum and grandma finally accepted my wish to study journalism and they both said that it is probably the right choice, because they are impressed by that story. Obviously, both of them cried when I read it for them and they also shared the story with ton of their friends and other people around, everyone saying they loved it. Especially hearing that from my mum was very relieving and heart-warming. And that, guys, makes you feel even better than I’d feel if I won the competition.

So, no, I’m not upset. I was a bit disappointed, but I’m already fine. It was difficult to choose, the rivals were all very talented and great and I can only congratulate all the other people, who were honored. Well, I already did. 🙂

Last thing I want to say is: thanks to everyone, who has given me some feedback, to everyone who has inspired me to write this story and to everyone who had something to do with it. I appreciate it all.

Photos: KKD Vyškov


(You can see that I was laughing, so… no big deal.)


(Yeah, I’m the serious one in the pink shirt, sitting next to another honored person – Zuzka, my friend from different class.)


(And finally, the winner… EVA! I’m really happy for her, because she is really nice and kind person, also a friend of mine, always great to chat with. I really do have very talented friends when I think about it.)


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