Sightseeing in South Moravia

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to go on a school trip with some of my schoolmates and students from Spain, who came to our school for an exchange visit. I thought that I will be able to practice my Spanish a bit, but the group divided into smaller groups – Spanish and Czech separately, both not talking to each other, so that kind of did not work out. However, it doesn’t really matter, because my Spanish is not good enough to have a proper conversation with someone.

(By the way… the photos are just phone quality, because guess who forgot to charge the camera battery?)

IMG_20160330_104618(The palace… it is beautiful, right? Sorry for the awful photo, I just did not want to break the laws and use stranger’s unlicensed photo.)

We went to Lednice, which is a absolutely beautiful palace in the very south of Moravia. It has a huge garden, which is usually full of colorful flowers, but it was too early to see them. It also has a big greenhouse with tropical plants and palm trees, but unfortunately it was not open. Now, it may seem like there was not anything to enjoy about it, but that is definitely not true. Because when you are somewhere with your friends, there is always something to do and to love about it.

IMG_20160330_100700(The flowers have just started to catch some colours and they are already so nice… who wouldn’t love them?)

So, first of all, we had about an hour to go for a walk before we head into the palace. We were just wandering around the garden, taking a lot of photos and awkwardly making other people laugh by doing some synchronized dance moves. Then, we went into the palace, where we spend an hour looking at the interior and listening to the attendant. Well, (not) listening, because I was on the very back of the group, chatting and gossiping with my cool French teacher.

IMG_20160330_100721(What’s inside the greenhouse? Maybe some green monsters, who knows?)

Then, we went for a long walk to the other side of the garden, because there is a historical lookout – you can even see Vienna from the top of it. We paid some extra money to be able to go to the top and it was definitely worth climbing up those 302 stairs. The view was incredible, although it was a little bit cloudy and windy.

IMG_20160330_142331(My bestfriend is going to kill me in three, two, one… OUCH. Come on, buddy, it’s a cute photo!)

Then, we caught our bus and we went back. They left me in Rousínov, which is the nearest bigger town to my village, where I had to wait another half an hour for a bus to take me home. I was really happy to be back home, but I truly enjoyed it and trips like these are always one of the best experiences of the year, because I do not travel as much as I would like to, due to not having enough money and being too young to go for a random trip to London, Sydney etc. and I also love going on trips with my friends, because it is always the best time ever. Our dance moves, singing, waving on random people or just silly talks may be a bit too childish, but they always make me happy and they fill me with positive energy. As for those adventures, you can expect some more in the nearest future, so stay tuned! 😉


(And finally, me trying to look cool, but actually having crazy hair, weird nose and sunglasses when it’s cloudy #stayweird)


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  1. The Castle in Lednice really is beautiful 🙂


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