Raw Nut Balls

There was a thing I wanted to start on my blog for a long time now and that was: food stuff. Recipes, tips for good restaurants, cafés or tearooms. Last week, I made a little snack for my family and they loved it as much as I did, so I thought ‘Ronnie, don’t be a lazy jerk and put it on the blog’ and so… here we go.

You will need:
3 handfuls of nuts (I used walnuts, but any kind of nut will do)
1 handful of dried cranberries with added sugar
1 teaspoon of raisins
2 teaspoons of sesame seeds
2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds2 tablespoons of chia seeds
dried coconut flesh

It’s actually very easy to do, so even if you are a begginer, who burns yourself while making tea, you won’t have a problem making this. You will start with the nuts. Put them in a blender and blend until there are no big pieces. Then, add cranberries and raisins and blend once more, until they are just small red dots. Add all the seeds and some water, so it is easier to blend, because there obviously is not anything that could keep it together. Start with a small amount of water – something like a sip. If it is still difficult to blend, add more, but don’t put too much water in there. Remember you have to make balls out of this, which will keep their shape. Take a spare bowl and pour some coconut flesh in it.

Then, take a teaspoon and take a bit of the ‘dough’ and try to make a ball. If you succeed, roll the ball in the coconut flesh so it is perfectly breaded. Continue until you run out of material or you get bored and then eat the rest of it just from the blender (do not forget to remove it from the socket.) I recommend to put the balls in the fridge before you eat them – the water with the chia seeds make it a bit more tough.


Enjoy your healthy snack!


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