Happy Easter!

Firstly, I would like to point out that even if the title may seem different, I don’t really like Easter. Are you wondering why? Mainly, it’s because of the Czech traditions, which are… well, not very exciting.

In my country, on Monday after Easter Sunday, boys are going around the village and when they see a girl, they run after her and whip her bum. They usually do it quite gently, but sometimes it still hurts a lot. That’s okay, I could stand it as long as the boy is someone I know. However, nowadays there are more and more people in my village, who moved in from a different place and even though I don’t know them, they come, ring our bell and I have to open the door and let them whip me. In these situations, it’s very uncomfortable and it makes me a little bit anxious, too. I could still make it through, but there comes another part of the tradition.

After they whip you, you have to give them kind of a reward, which is usually something sweet to eat (if they’re under 18) or something alcoholic to drink (if they’re older). So… let’s take it once more. Absolutely strange man comes to your door, you have to go out, let him whip your bum and then give him food a drink. Sorry, but this is so stupid. If the boy is someone I know – like my friend, brother, uncle or cousin – I’m okay with that, because we usually chat a little and grab a coffee, for example. But if it’s someone I don’t know, I’m absolutely against the tradition.

Oh, and one more reason why I don’t like Easter: the amount of eggs people basically throw away! I am not a vegan, but this irritates me so much. Yeah, we do dye eggs at Easter, but 1) we save the shells all year round for this holiday and 2) we have got eggs from grandad, who has some chicken, so they have enough food, space and they’re not killed until they’re really old or ill.

So… why happy Easter if I don’t like to celebrate it? Well, I do like to celebrate it, but just not in the Czech way. I celebrate Easter as an arrival of spring and beginning of new life. I like to wear bright colors, go for a walk, work in the garden… just in general spend the day outside. I also love to bake some coloured sweets – today, I’ve baked orange muffins (like the colour and the taste) and also chocolate ones (with a loooot of chocolate). I like to decorate our house with spring-themed items and just… be happy. So, happy Easter, everyone!

Below, you can see homemade eggs by my incredibly talented and awesome mum.



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