Spring Adventure

Spring is here! This is so exciting! I’m so looking forward the sun, flowers, bees, butterflies, grass… oh my god, I’m so looking forward the smell of cutting the grass! Umm, do I sound like Amity? Well, nevermind. I got somewhere I didn’t want to get. Let’s start the article once more.

Spring is finally here and what other way should I start it than with a nice hike in the woods? I teamed up with Jarda and we went for one. We met in the morning, starting our hike at 9AM, which was reeeeally soon for a weekend morning, but we planned a 35 kilometres long path, so we had better start sooner, right? The first 10 kilometres were pretty interesting, because when we started, there were a few clouds on the sky, but nothing serious. Then, a little rain started, but still nothing really serious. However then, it started to snow! The beginning of the spring and it snows. How annoying…


Well, we didn’t give up and that was a good decision, because after a while, it stopped and we could easily continue. However, there came another difficulty on our way. Because recently, it rained a lot, the forest path was really dirty and unfortunately, there was no other way to avoid it. So we had to go through. Personally, I think it was kinda fun, but I’m definitely not looking forward to cleaning my boots after this. However, Jarda enjoyed it even a little bit too much, I’d say. He was like a child when he finds a puddle and he just has to jump right into it. Exactly.


Around 20 kilometres behind us, my legs started to hurt a lot. However that was obviously going to happen, so I just tried not to think about it and it actually helped a lot. Because when you’re physically so tired and you can’t continue anymore, it’s time for your mind to take over the body. So… we were chatting, laughing a lot, even singing. Yeah, singing. When you’re tired, you Really Don’t Care. šŸ˜€


The chatting and singing took us to the end of our path, which was really relieving. I mean, it’s all fun and it truly is a good time, but it gets really exhausting and it hurts a lot, so the end is always one of the best parts of the hike. Quick tip: don’t sit for too long after you end your journey and definitely stretch your legs, because you may not be able to walk the day after (personal experience from two years ago, when I ended not able to walk like a normal person for two days).

How did you start your spring?


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