Thank you

Life goes in periods. There’s a good period, when you feel like you’re having the best time ever and nothing could go wrong. Nothing can stop you being happy. Suddenly, it comes. It hits you harder than you expected and you fall on your knees. There comes the bad period. You have to fight with the issues, you try to get up, but it seems like you can’t make it. You’re not strong enough. And suddenly, you find the strength, the drive, the motivation and you get up, facing the struggle with everything you have. And you do it. You win. It’s the good period coming again.

This is exactly how my last months went like. Along with the process of falling down and getting up, I’ve realized how grateful I am for everything I have, because even if I’m down there, living through some dirty shit, I’m still fine compared to the rest of the world. We so easily forget how fortunate we are, living where we live and when we live. We so easily forget what we have, until we lose it and we have to fight for it to come back. So, I just wanted to say thank you all – for every second you spent reading my blog, every nice word, every motivational idea – because without you, I maybe would not be doing what I love so much.

The reason I’m so happy right now is just one. I can see my dreams – slowly, but still – coming true. Thanks to my friend Jarda, who made me send the application, I got a part as an editor of the most popular website about TV series in the Czech republic. And this is not the end. I also got a part as an editor of my village’s newspaper… all of this at the age of sixteen. How crazy is that? SO MUCH! Once more thank you, guys, because I got the part on Edna mainly thanks to my blog. It’s such a big honor.

If you have a dream, take it and make it a plan. If you really want to achieve something, don’t just sit there waiting for it to happen. Nothing ever happens without hard work, passion and improvement. You have to spend every single minute you have working on that dream and you have to continue, even if it seems so difficult. Because it is difficult, nothing ever comes the easy way. If you really want something, you have to go for it. Not on 100%, you have to work on 150%. There’s no limit. You make the limit.

Let’s do it. We are in this together. Thank you.


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