My favourite TV series

It’s been a while, since I last uploaded a little bit funnier and more cheerful post, so here we go today. I guess you guys know I’m a bit of a TV series lover and if you don’t… well, now you do. I watch uncountable amount of them and I have to admit, some of them are just crap stuff to make me laugh, but some of them are pretty great! And today, I’m here to share the great ones with you, so you can maybe take some inspiration and become a new fan!

1) The Magicians

Oh, in last few weeks, my life is all about The Magicians. I´ve seen just a few episodes, because the show has just started, but I’m already in love. The Magicians are basically something like cooler Harry Potter in Narnia with a lot of blood, sex and alcohol. It’s funny, it’s magical (obviously), it’s scary sometimes and definitely worth watching.

My favourite character: Alice
-> because she’s quiet and shy, but the truth is she’s more powerful than anybody else. Plus, she just hooked up with Quentin and I shipped them since the very beginning.


2) Jessica Jones

I don’t usually watch Marvel films/series, but I might start, because this one was phenomenal. It was a little bit too cruel and disgusting sometimes, but still, it was one big awesome ride. It’s about a guy, called Kilgrave, who can make people do crazy things. He basically controls their mind and Jessica – his old victim, who actually escaped him – is going for a revenge and she wants to kill him. Well, I really hope there’s going to be a series two.

My favourite character: Kilgrave
-> because he’s so badass! He’s crazy and he kills people every day, but on the other hand I like the idea that he’s doing it because of the experiments he went through as a child and also because Jessica was the only one, who escaped and he wants her to love him, because she was the only one he couldn’t get. And he effin gets what he wants.


3) Doctor Who

…DUH. No, seriously, I’m watching Doctor Who like two years already and I’m still not bored – that’s pretty good score, huh? You start with a TV series and you end up with books, comics, audiobooks, pictures, fanpages, interviews… just… Doctor Who universe is really bigger than it seems. You know, bigger on the inside.

My favourite character (without the Doctor): Donna Noble
-> TARDIS, Time Lord, yeah! Donna, human, NO! Do I need to say more?


4) Fargo

I haven’t watched the second series yet, but it’s one of the best TV series, I’ve ever watched. It’s really entertaining, fun to watch, it has a great thought, it’s mysterious, also there are phenomenal actors in it (such as Martin Freeman or Billy Bob Thornton). Definitely a must see!

My favourite character: Lester Nygaard
-> they couldn’t choose a better actor that Mr Freeman, because I really can’t imagine anyone else playing him. They’re too similar to give the role to a different actor. Martin has nailed it. Pity he dies at the end (however, even the death is pretty cool :D).


5) The Ripper Street

Do you like films/series from Victorian London?
Are you curious about Jack the Ripper?Do you like mysterious series full of dead bodies?
If you answered yes to any of the questions, this is a must see. You’ll love it, believe me. I’ve seen only like one and a half series, but I’m definitely going to watch the rest, so you can do the same!

My favourite character: Homer Jackson
-> he’s the coolest. He likes alcohol, dead bodies, women, guns and he has some pretty interesting history.



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