The Aptitude Test

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Divergent series. I’ve read all the books, seen all the films and I’m just planning how to get to the cinema for the premiere of the third film. I’m just like every other fan – hardly shipping Fourtris, wishing it would end up differently, hoping someday, I’ll visit the Dauntless faction and – most importantly – wondering which faction I’d belong to. I’ve found the official test and there’s just one way how to found out which is the right faction for Ronnie!

1) The time comes for you to move on. You choose…

Stay in familiar teritory X Travel to new places

I love travellig, I love exploring new places, I love meeting new poeple and getting know new cultures, so that’s an absolutely obvious question.

2) Choose an item to bring on your jorney:

A guide book X A camera

Who needs a guide book? You can always ask people, search on the Internet or just follow your instincts. A camera is definitely more important.

3) What kinds of photos do you prefer to take?

Candid shots of local life X Intriguing shots of historical sites

I have never been interested in architecture and in general, I prefer taking photos of people,  capturing the funny moments, shooting all the funny stuff we meet and just keeping memories. You can always find photos of the architecture on the Internet, but no one is going to shoot your memories for you.

4) When a group photo opportunity comes up, you…

Suggest ways to get a good shot of everyone X Offer to take the picture

I would definitely want to be inculded in the group photo, so I would probably ask someone passing by to shoot us. Simple as that.

5) When traveling on a budget, you choose to…

Save money and live modestly X Live adventurously and trust in the kindness of others

I wouldn’t like to sleep on a bench in the park, but some very cheap hostel or sleeping in some people’s home? No problem. I would prefer spending money on exploring new places and experiencing exciting moments, than having five stars hotels and spend days going shopping. That’s not travelling, darling. Travelling is about trying new things, no matter where you are. You can travel to the next village and it can be more interesting than spending a week in Rome, not leaving your hotel room.

6) As a traveler, you’re more trusting of…

People who seem straightforward and direct X People who seem warm and welcoming

How is this even a question? Isn’t it obvious?

7) A generous friend pays the bill whenever you go out. You react by…

Insisting on paying my own way X Going out of your way to help out whenever you can

I really appreciate when someone pays for me and I usually say the polite “no”, but it’s actually incredibly nice. So, I usually do the same for them or try to help them or something like that.

8) When returning to a place you used to call home, you first choose to…

Catch up with friends and family X Explore the area to see what’s changed

Family and friends always first, exploring can wait.

9) What do you think makes friendships last?

Being honest and expressive X Being perceptive and giving

Especially being perceptive is one of the most adorable attributes. When a friend gives you a present you talked about half a year ago or gives you a coffee with exactly that much sugar you always take, it’s an unbelievably great feeling.

10) When two friends argue over a misunderstanding, you…

Stay out of it, but distract them to break the tension X Step in and call them out on their irrational behvaior

I would step in, but I would probably do it in a funny way, trying to make them laugh and then tell them they’re stupid and they should stop arguing (I would also probably add “for God sake”).

Snímek obrazovky (42).png


I’m actually pretty hyped by the answer, because I always inclined to the Amity faction. I mean, yeah, the Dauntless are cool, but most of them is pretty crazy, right? The Amity are fun to hang out with, they’re friendly, they support each other, love music, art and a good laugh, they have a democratic election, they do the gardening, greet each other with a hug, wear comfy clothes, don’t judge anyone, they’re harmless and peacful. And, whoa, have you seen the tree in the middle of the hall? COOL!

What’s your faction? Tell me down in the comments! ^^


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