Paper Towns

No, this is not a review, although it was meant to be. In a half of the writing, I’ve decided to delete it and write something a little bit different. Every single at-least-kind-of-regular reader of my blog knows that I can be really depressing and develop deep ideas, when I have the mood. Books like Paper Towns are quite connected to my soul, because I feel like they do the same.

When you first meet John Green’s book, it seems calm and kind. When you read through the first pages, you find out that you actually really enjoy it and it’s fun to read. When you get to the middle, you’re so familiar with the characters, with all the strings inside the book, that it feels so natural to scan the letters. You admire how Green plays with your feels and with your brain, how curious you’re getting about how is this story going to end. In the end, you’re left without breath. You sit, tears running down your face and you keep re-reading the last words, trying to find some more you could read. You close the book and you’re left alone with your thoughts.

You wish you could be part of that story. You wish you could feel the same. You wish your life wouldn’t be so boring. You also realize you’re ready. You’re ready to stand up, fight for every single of your dreams and you want to leave the house, run far away from the old life. You realize you’re still young and you have so many years in front of you, that it’ll scare you. You have got so many options, so many ways to lead your life, you have so many places to visit, so many people to meet and all of that is waiting for you. Somewhere. Waiting until it’s the right time to happen. You realize the world is beautiful and even if it seems like the humanity is not even a thing and people are dumb and selfish, through these dark shades… you can see the light. It’s there. Waiting for you. Even if the world is getting darker, more dangerous and dirty, there’s still the glory that used to be there before.There are good people. There are phenomenal places. There is a hope. And that hope stands on your shoulders. You’re young, you’re free. What are you going to do? Will you be one of those ignorant human beings – selfish, close-minded? Or will you be the one, who actually stands up for all the good that remaines on this planet – the only planet we will ever have? It’s on you. Which way are you going to choose?

Don’t be the paper girl/boy from the paper town. Be somebody, make the paper town become a town, just like Margo did. You don’t have to be a miracle. You don’t have to be an adventure. You don’t have to be fine, precious thing. You don’t have to be a person everybody looks up to. You just need to be you. Just like Margo was.



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