Types of friends

There are several types of friends everyone has. Some of them we love, some of them we just can’t stand, because they’re so annoying. I thought I could make some kind of summary of all the types as I personally know them.

1) The Facebook Friend

This is the friend, who texts to you all the time, but when he meets you in public, he doesn’t even greet you. He pretends like he doesn’t see you, but when you get home, you’ve got a message saying “Hey, what have you been up to today?” Seriously? I mean… what’s wrong with you? I know you might be a little bit asocial person, but this is not a big deal, so just say hi and everything is okay, right? I won’t bite your head off, even if I seem like I could, so just act like a normal person, please. Thank you.

2) The Embarassing Friend

This is the friend, who is always extremely embarassing when you’re trying to be serious. For example, you’re in a shop, paying for your stuff and the person starts talking about what you did last night and you just stand there, wanting to punch him, but you can’t, because you have to act polite and calm. Other example, you invite your embarassing friend to a party with your other friends and they don’t know him yet. You’re chatting to your friends, he shows up, interrupts the conversation and starts telling everyone a story about how you peed yourself when you were on a sleepover in his house. How awful is that?

3) The School Friend

I’ve got quite a lot of them. I chat with them, I work in group projects with them, I send them homeworks and I text them to send me photos of their notebooks, but that’s where the friendship ends. I don’t even feel like friends with them. They’re just regular schoolmates and I’m sure I won’t keep in touch with them when I leave the school and I’m not really sad about that. Sorry.

4) The Diary Friend

This friend is the best thing that could ever happen to you. He’s just like your diary, but you don’t have to write it down, you just simply tell him. He keeps secrets, he is loyal and he gives you an advice anytime you need it. He’s basically the perfect friend.

5) The Drunk Friend

Admit it, you have that one friend, who texts you only when he’s drunk. Or is it just me? Texting with drunk friends while being sober is one of the funniest things I’ve ever experienced. It’s interesting to see those deep thoughts and incredible amount of gramatic mistakes and once again, it’s hilarious. However, when I text someone when I’m drunk, I usually just wish the person didn’t get the message or he forgot about it, because usually, I don’t feel the same when I’m sober.

6) The Hang out Friend

You don’t usually talk to him, but anytime you ask him to hang out, he agrees. This is the concept of friendship between me and one of my friends. We know each other thirteen years, but we both study different schools in different town and we’re not in touch very often. However, if I text him “Let’s go for a coffee, I’ll meet you in 20 minutes”, it’ll happen. He’s always ready to meet up and hang out, or to go with me on a party, as we did last summer.
Me: “Hey, I’ve got two free tickets to the party today in the evening, wanna go with me?”
He: “Sure, I’ll get you in an hour.”
*an hour later*
He: “I’m here, are you ready to go?”
Me: “Go in, the door is open, I’ve got to do my hair”
He: “Okay, take your time, I’ll wait”
Me: “Fine, I’m ready”
He: “Great, let’s go!”

Isn’t a friend like this a dream of every girl? (And yeah, we’re just friends, nothing going on between us. It’s just a really nice friendship.)

7) The Best Friend

Oh, having a best friend feels so damn good. And what’s even better, having a few of them! I’m very lucky to have a few awesome friends and they’re the best people I could ever meet and I’m very glad to be a part of their lives. I appreciate every little thing they do for me, even if they don’t know about doing it. Every nice word, every coffee they give me for free, every food they buy me just because they want to, every moment we share together, every reaction to my blog or my stories or poems – all of that makes me incredibly honoured and graceful for having them in my life. They know I’m talking about them, but still, I want to name them. I want to give them the credit for everything they do for me, even if it’s stupid like when they make me laugh by doing funny faces. So, my dearest friends – Iva, Jarda, Jane and Michelle – thank you for everything you’ve done and you’re doing, stay yours and the most important – stay in my life, please. At least for those two more years we’re going to be at the same school. No one knows where are we going to end up when we finish it, but hopefully, not too far to keep in touch or to share our lives together. I love you all.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane says:

    We love you too, jantarhydrid :**


    1. Ronnie says:

      You are 100% the embarrasing one. It’s our private nickname, don’t use it in front of my readers, you weirdo.


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