A bit of poetry

This week, I’ve been very busy (and exhausted and sick), so I couldn’t write any proper post for you, guys… and I’m really sorry for that. However, I did write. Just something slightly different. I started writing poems. I have never been a fan of poems, but writing them is actually more fun than reading. That’s because when you’re writing a poem, you’ve got real situations and people on your mind and you just leave hints and metaphores and mysterical words in the poem, which totally make sense to you, but won’t make any sense to the reader. Poems feel like saying something without actually saying it. I hope you get what I mean. I would like to show you two of my poems, which – I think – are… well, not terrible.

The first one has a working name: Go away. It’s dedicated to my anonymous friend and her boyfriend, because you guys know what this is about.

When I look at you,
you smirk and smile.
I want to forget you,
but I’m not allowed.

I’m confused,
my heart is fighting,
my palms are sweating
and my brain is bruised.

 I want to walk away,
far away from you,
but when I’m gone,
I check my phone in case
it’s you.

 I want to forget you,
forget the pain,
but you give me the look
and I fall in love again.

 You’re too complicated,
but I still want you in my heart.
I don’t know how to take it,
but don’t let me fall apart.

 So, please, speak up and
tell me what you feel,
maybe I’ll be strong enough
and my heart will heal.

The second one is about the society, the world and its issues. It’s about all the things that irritate me and about all the things I’d like to change. It’s about me, trying to live a better life. Please, meet Letters and words.

Letters and words,
they seem so weak,
but the truth is
they’re powerful and they make you think
about people you love
about things you enjoy
about people you’ve lost
about how it’s all wrong:
The world full of hatred
and hunger and pain,
full of unhappy people
trying to build their name
to make their career grow
and their talent show,
but what’s that all for?

People are depressed,
worried, not strong
they’re always too stressed
about what they did wrong
and then I ask again:
What’s that all for?

When you’ve got money,
all the fame of the world,
when you’re old and grumpy
standing in your entry hall:
Are you happy?

What about all the people,
who died just because
you were selfish and did not change your mind?

What about all the forests
we destroyed just to make more money
and place for plants to grow?

What about the ocean
full of dirt and trash?
We’re still angling,
but there’s not a single fish.

And with all the anger
I drop the pen,
look at the paper
and try to live again.

I hope this time
the world won’t end.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and I also hope it wasn’t that bad. I’m looking forward to meeting you again next week on Wednesday, stay tuned!


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