School sucks

…and when I say it, I don’t mean exactly my school. I like my school, the people are friendly, I also get on well with most of the teachers, but it’s the concept that irritates me so much!

Think about it: you take thirty individuals, put them in the same class and you teach them the exactly same thing in exactly same way and you suppose everyone is going to understand? This is not how intelligence works, I guess. You’ve got thrity individual and special human beings, you can’t measure them with the same scale. Everyone has something special he knows, he enjoys and I think it could happen that someone could give up on their dreams just because of bad marks at school. Is that what we want to do?

I have a friend of mine, who – unfortunately – doesn’t have the best marks at school. However, she can name every muscle in a horse’s body and the way how to regenerate it. She can ride horses, take care about them and she spends a lot of free time with them. The only problem is that because of her marks, it’s really hard for her to study the school she would like to. And that’s such a waste of talent!

I know that grammar school should give you imformations from every subject, so you have broad view of knowledge, but I think it should also support you in the things you’re good at. As for me, I like writing and I think I’m quite good at it. Thanks god, this is kind of common interest, so my Czech teacher is very supportive, she looks for competitons I could try, she reads my texts, she gives me a feedback and I appreciate it so much. Also, my best friend Iva is supported by the school, because she wants to study bioinformatics and at our school, the biology lessons are on very good level. However, we’re both the lucky ones. I’ve got another friend of mine – Jarda, who likes making and editing videos and he’s very good at it, unfortunately he doesn’t have any opportunity to improve himself at school. Other friend – Jane – wants to be an actress and I think she’s extremely talented, but… again -no theatre club at school. However, we all teamed up (with another friend of mine, Michelle) and we are filming short sketches. We’ve already done two – one of them was a sequel to James Bond. He was dead and his dauhter (Jane) was going for a revenge. The other one is a black comedy about a girl (Jane), who lost her parents and is now dealing with it. (Jane is our main star, you see?) We put our second sketch to a competiton, so we’ll see if we can win. That would be the most awesome thing that could happen, because the main prize is DSLR camera and if we want to make progress, we really need a better equipment.

The classes start at 8:00 and end at 15:40. Now, can you tell me how am I supposed to be focused on Chemistry after 8 classes (including exhausting P. E. lessons)? It is impossible, so I fall asleep almost every class and I apologize to the teacher, but I can’t resist! The sleep is catching me every time! I would really like to know, who made Chemistry our 9th lesson, because I would like to have a very serious talk about this stupid decision.


PS: There might not be a post on Wednesday because I’m ill and I’m feeling terrible.
PSS: Being ill sucks. Especially when no one cares about you and so you’re just lying on sofa, playing The Sims, listening to Made In The A. M., drinking incredible amount of tea and eating a lot of chocolate.
PSSS: The lesson: Don’t be ill.


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