Last year, YouTube has actually become a part of my everyday routine. I come home from school, I have a dinner and change my clothes and then I sit down for a while and enjoy new videos. It’s a great way to relax and to improve my language skills. And, because I watch YT videos for more than a year now, I have my favourite YouTubers I watch regularly.

1) Marcus Butler


This guy has brought me to YouTube and he was the first person I started to watch regularly. I adore, how he makes his videos funny, but on the other hand, he motivates you as well. He lives very helathy and he made me want to do the same, so thanks to him, I’ve decided to change my diet and lifestyle in general.

My favourite Marcus’ video is probably one of his lastest, when he tries to do ordinary things without gravity.

2) Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)


He’s a daily vlogger, which means there’s a video every single day and I’m watching them so often that when I hear Alfie’s voice, it makes me comfortable. Sometimes, I just play any video I’ve already seen in the background when I’m working. His voice is just so calming and relaxful that I could listen to him all day all night. Kinda jealous of Zoe, though. šŸ˜€

My favourite Alfie’s video is this one, a motivational speech. He inspired me to start my blog again and I’m really glad for that (hope you too!)

3) Lilly Singh (||Superwoman||)


Superwoman is one of the small amount of female YouTubers I watch. It’s not because I like looking at men (although it’s true), I mean… Lilly is gorgeous. The problem is: most of female YouTubers do videos about make-up, clothes, what’s in their bag and so on and although I like these things as well, I don’t find it fun to watch. I don’t go to YouTube to watch what’s in your bag. That’s your thing. I want to watch videos that make me laugh and just… make me feel better, I guess? Lilly is one the most funny people on YouTube and her videos are just wonderful. Such a talented woman!

My favourite video by Lilly A.K.A. Superwoman? Definitely this year’s Halloween video with FouseyTube. They’re brilliant together and this video made me laugh so damn hard, that it hurt.

4) Jake Dudman


Jake is not one of these big YouTubers, but he’s incredibly talented actor/voice actor and if he would make YouTube his job, I think he would grow famous really quickly. He’s a nice guy and his videos have a very good quality either camera stuff and the content. Especially the content of his channel is slightly different that it’s usual nowadays. Jake doesn’t do any challenges and tags (god bless him for that), but he puts a lot of effort to his videos and they’re often incredibly funny, thoughtful and profesional. I’m looking forward to seeing him more in the future.

It’s difficult to choose just one video by Jake, but it has to be the Incredibly Amazing Impressions 2, especially the one of David Tennant. THAT ONE IS SO ACCURATE!


5) Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe)


Joe is incomparable funny and… well, yeah. He’s a funny guy. I like his Q&As, pranks on Caspar and most of all, I like his new “series” when he reads his old diary. These videos are ridiculously funny and also, it’s quite interesting to heard about how things go in the UK at school, because I’m not from there, so it’s also a little bit educational.

My favourite video so far is his prank on his roommate Caspar. I would probably move out if he’d do something like this to me.



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