Hey folks,

today I’ve got some exciting news to tell you! Recently, I’ve had too much energy, ideas and plans, so I’ve decided I need to publicize more often. For me, it means a little bit more work to do, but that’s okay, because writing and entertaining people are one of my biggest pleasures. For you, it means you’ll have two posts a week!

1) Wacky Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, you can be looking for some kind of tag or short funny story from my life. Don’t except anything thoughtful, it’s going to be just one big silly adventure!

2) Fey Fridays

On Fridays, there will be nice and proper posts, as there have been before. I have already got a few of them scheduled, so be ready for them.

 I might miss some day or update later or whatever, you know, I’m just a human being like everyone else, but I’ll do my best to update on time and hold the quality on as high level as it’s possible.

See you soon,



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