Imagine Dragons

On Saturday, I experienced one of the best days in my life. As a present for my birthday, I bought myself a ticket to Imagine Dragons concert in Prague and me and my best friend Iva decided to go together!

Everything started little bit different than I thought, because in the morning we should be heading off to Prague, I slept over. We missed the train, despite my dad drove me to the station. So, we went inside the train station and bought the tickets. We wanted a student discount, but the guy in the office told us that we must have some special cards to prove we are students and a lot of other forms and stuff, so we just bought the normal tickets and spend a lot of money on them. Not the very best start of the day, eh?

We waited for the next train and found ourselves some free seats in it. We spent almost whole journey watching Love, Rosie on my phone. Then, we finally arrived to Prague. We went to an apartment of Iva’s cousin in the centre of the city, where we left our things and went observing around the city. By the way, the apartment was pretty cool – there was a lot of people and every time we met somebody, it was someone totally new. Some of them spoke Czech, some of them English, some of them Slovak, some of them German… yeah, just a typical university life.

Most of the day, we were wandering around Prague. We went to the famous places like Charles’ bridge, Wiencelaw’s square and the historical centre, but we also quite often got lost in some small nameless streets without any map or GPS. Thankfully, my sense of direction is usually good enough to take us where we want… after a while. At 6PM, we came back to the apartment to have a dinner, which was absolutely amazing, homemade and vegan. I haven’t had anything better before. Then, we finally headed off to the concert.

The underground was way too full of people, so it was slightly uncomfortable. However, that was still nothing compared with what we saw later on. When we left the underground and came in front of the O2 arena, there were SO MANY PEOPLE! Still nothing compared with how many people were already inside. When we fought our way inside (through a lot of security things), we found our seats and looked around. That was so insane. I have never seen that many people in one place. The show began. Sunset Sons came to warm up the people. I didn’t know them before, but they were actually pretty good. However, I can’t lie, I was so excited for Imagine Dragons to come that I wanted Sunset Sons to stop playing and let them in. Sorry, guys, you were really good, but… UHH!

And then, finally, Imagine Dragons came to the stage. The show began. It was insane. It was crazy. It was so damn cool. I’ve never been to such a thing, so I was screaming and singing all the time. Whatever, you know? They began with my absolutely favourite song Shots and it was an amazing performance. I don’t remember how it continued, but I know that one of the highlightes was iconic song Demons, when everyone started singing along with them and that was magical. After a few songs, I found out that there’s someone with a French flag in the crowd and it reminded me of all the awful things that happened over the world… and Dan Reynolds (the singer) probably saw the flag as well. He said something like this:

“We’re living in really hard times and things like this… shows and concerts are incredibly important to all of us. They’re trying to stop us, but we can’t let them. We have to fight for our freedom and enjoy life, even if it’s hard or not. Thank you for coming tonight. We win, the terrorists lose.”
He started singing. Not one of their songs. He started singing memorable Forever Young. The people turned their phone lights on and everyone started singing. Imagine all those people in the hall, singing together, waving with their lights. It was so strong and emotional that I even had some tears in my eyes. It was beautiful and it was definitely one of those feeling you won’t forget. Not one day.

Then, the show continued on and the atmosphere was wonderful. The crowd was getting louder and louder and the excitement I had inside me, was something I would like to give to everyone. When they sang Radioactive, I thought I’m going to lose hearing, because everyone was singing and even Dan stopped, just listening to people. I know I’m saying it again and again, but that was phenomenal.

When the show ended, I was quite sad. I wanted to sit there for few more hours, singing with them and catching the energy they gave to the people. I liked that about Imagine Dragons a lot. They were so sweet and gentle, but also full of energy and it seemed like the euphoria they showed on the stage was actually real, not just the pretended one. Dan said it as well: “When we were here a few years ago, a few hundreds of people came to see us. And look at you today. I see all these faces, all these heads. That’s incredible. It means a lot for us, really. We’re going to come back!” — Well, I hope so!!!

The next day, we went to McDonalds to have some breakfast (I had French fries and a coffee, bleh. I feel really guilty for that, but it was cheap and I didn’t want to pay hundreds for some healthy and tasty dish.). We sat there for two hours, chilling and watching biathlon. Then we headed back to the train station and caught our train (getting better on catching trains, you see?). The journey back was all about sleeping and listening to music. Then we separated and I caught my bus on the journey home.

I’m sure that was one of the best birthday present ever. Although it’s quite sad, because I bought it for myself. Does this count? Meh, whatever. See ya next week with another post. Byye!



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