Look back: 2015

This year has been incredible. I’m really thankful for all the things that happened and I’m really glad to see that I did them right, even though I wasn’t sure about them. I thought it could be nice to look back at previous year and make some summary.

Healthy lifestyle

I think the biggest challenge I accepted this year was starting a healthy lifestyle. I became a vegetarian, which is no longer truth about me, because a few days before Christmas, I changed my diet from vegetarian (which I’ve been for 9 months) to healthy in general: I started eating fish. However, this change brought me so many new ideas and opinions, which I’ve never thought about before. I’m not afraid to say that vegetarian diet made me a better person. I learned a lot about healthy lifestyle and I also learned how to cook. I started to have a clue about the real value of food and water, but also the real value of my own body. I realized that my body is the only thing I’ll life forever with and that’s a bloody great reason to start caring about it and do something that my body could be thankful for in dozens of years. I started to keep an eye on the quality of the food and the quality became the mean factor in buying food for me. From personal experiences I can tell you that if you live better, you’ll feel better. It’ll change you mind and it’ll make you feel happy with yourself. That’s worthy.

The funny thing is: it wouldn’t have happened without my friend Jane and our absolutely random trip to a Greenpeace event. She became a vegetarian two years ago, I think (she still is). I wouldn’t try it without our trip, our deep night conversations and without your support, so thank you, Jane. (I guess you’re reading this, because I’m sure I made you read it. – written December 21st 2015)

Along with changing my diet, I also started exersing. On Wednesdays, I’ve got a gym session; on Thursdays, I’ve got a P.E. lesson and on Saturdays, I play floorball. From March to October, I thinned down 7 kilograms and since October, my weight didn’t change and I keep the same, which is what I want. I don’t want to be perfectly slim, I would rather have some muscles. Well… I’m working on it and I can already see some results. I’ve got quite nice muscles on my legs – on calves and tights. Also, my arms aren’t weak anymore. Now, I have to sort out belly, which is probably the most problematic and painful to workout on. 😀 However, it feels damn good to be at least kind of fit. I’m no longer worried about wearing swimming wear and skirts and I definitely feel more confident and satisfied with myself. For those, who would like to try it – exercising isn’t enough. I would even say it’s 30% of your progress. Everything begins with the food. You don’t have to become vegetarian, but eat healthy: vegetable, fish, seeds, nuts, rice, couscous, millet and so on. I don’t eat sweets at all, because there’s palm oil in most of them and I don’t eat palm oil, but I do eat chocolate. However, only dark chocolate. Instead of sweets try to eat fruits. Eat a lot of porridge, millet gruel and if you just can’t live without sweet taste, add some homemade jam (with less sugar, of course – I used 5 fruits:1 sugar). If you’re still not sure how to do this, just read a book called Hello life by Youtuber Marcus Butler. He knows how to do it and how to motivate you. I’ve read it and it’s really cool.


This year I’ve been quite successful in a few competitions. For example, I was second in a literary competition called “Cedník” with my story Ryan and Ryan – it’s about a boy and a dragon – they have exactly the same names and they accidentally find a way to each other. Then, I was fifth in a geography competition, which I take as a very good place, because the rivals were very good. Then, I was second in another geography competition called GIS and that was a competition for whole country. By the way, my friend Jarda was the winner. How sick is that? And finally, I was third in Czech language competition at school. Could be better, but I’m kinda satisfied.

I finished my first year of high school with A’s and this school year, I became an editor in school newspapers. A great way how to start my journalism career, I guess. I also started learning French, which I really enjoy. Bonjour, mon ami, tu vas bien? Ça va bien, mais je suis fatigué. 😀


The last “thing” on my list of this year. This year has been sick! We had so much fun! With my most favourite buddies, we basically made a squad – me, my best friend Iva, Jane and Michelle. Our summer parties were the best, guys. I’m so excited for the next summer, yay. Also, I can’t forget my friend Jarda, it was also year full of fun with him and others (I’m not going to name them all, it’s like 10 or 15 people). Thank you all, guys, for such an incredible year.

This year, I was also (finally!) on meeting/reunion – I’m not sure how to call that… basically, I met a lot of people from HOCZ in person. It was a fantastic weekend, although I was quite scared, because I didn’t know what to expect. Turned out they’re all friendly people and they were really nice to me, partly because I was one of the youngest people in here. Later on, I met my friend Ivana, who came back from the UK. We spent whole day together, playing geocaching, going around the town and in the evening, we went to a teahouse with another HOCZ player – Alen. Former Gryffindor headteacher. I already knew her, because we met a year before, but she didn’t remember me, which was quite awkward… well, nevermind. Both of them were really nice and I enjoyed it.

Finally, I get to the end. This year has been incredible, as I already said. I’ve met a ton of new people, I’ve had so much fun with my friends, I’ve done so many crazy things (I jumped from a rock, huh… twice), I’ve had a lot of successful moments and I changed my life in a whole new way. I’m still looking for the person, who I really am, but I think I’m getting closer.

Thank you for reading my blog, I wish you incredible year, lots of fun, health, love and happiness. Byyyyye!


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