Hey! Before I start, I’d like to apologize, because this post was supposed to be online yesterday, but I was kinda busy, so I couldn’t make it happen.

However, here I am today and I’m sorry to tell you that Christmas is over. We still have the Christmas tree and there are Christmas films on TV, but technically it’s not Christmas anymore. It makes me little bit sad. On the beginning of December, I was totally ready for Christmas, I was listening to the carols and thinking about what am I going to give my family for Christmas, but as the month continued by, I started to feel way more stressed and anxious. It’s been very busy time at school and generally, same at home, because mum decided to clean the house like the Queen is going to visit us. Then, the Christmas Eve finally came and I didn’t really feel like having a festive mood, so I spend the day in quite tired/annoyed mood. When the evening came, I felt like everything slowed down, like the spirit of Christmas finally came and left us strange, but pleasant atmosphere. Mum finally stopped cleaning, cooking, yelling at me and being stressed, dad came home and after we had a dinner, we went to the tree to unwrap the presents. That was the time, when I catched up the right Christmas mood again. It didn’t last for a long time, because later on, I felt kinda sick (probably because I ate too much unhealthy food), so I went to bed and fell asleep in a second.

Although I felt kinda sick and tired through the Christmas time, I spend it with my family, which is the best thing about Christmas, isn’t it? And before we say goodbye to Christmas for a year, let’s take a moment and have a look back at what I got for Christmas:

A mobile phone (Lenovo A606)
note: No, I’m not one of these, who got a new mobile every year. I’m almost sixteen and this is my first smartphone ever.

As every year, I got some really cool books. This year, they’re:
Lauren Weisberger – The Devil Wears Prada
Lauren Weisberger – Revenge Wears Prada

John Green – Paper Towns
Rainbow Rowell – Fangirl
Rainbow Rowell – Eleanor and Park

A vegetarian cookbook
A lot of healthy food
Almost kilogram of various nuts from my bro (I feel like a squirrel, hah)
Fluffy socks
A magazine purchased for a whole year
Super-mega-awesome-(alsoreallyexpensive) batteries to my camera
Cool thermocup (I really needed one)
Beauty products (note for my bestie: I got two deodorants, yaay!)

I hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as possible and definitely let me know what you found under the tree! ^^






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