Who brings presents?

Everyone knows Santa Claus or Father Christmas, but have you ever thought about who brings the presents in other countries? I hope not, because I looked up some of them and I’m here to tell you, so get ready!

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus is the one, who brings presents in my country – the Czech Republic. We call him “Ježíšek.” We picture him as young baby Jesus, so I can’t actually imagine how he would be able to bring the presents, but it’s a tradition, so it probably doesn’t have to have any kind of sense. He brings the presents in the evening December 24th.

The same person also brings presents in many other countries: “Christkind” in Austria, Switzerland and Germany; “Gesú Bambino” in Italy;  “Menino Jesus” in Portugal; “Jezúska” in Hungary; “Ježiško” in Slovakia; “Niño Dios” in Latin America and “Isusek” in Croatia.


Yule Lads

I’ll probably move to Iceland soon, because they have 13 Santa Clauses! They’re called “Yule Lads” or “Jólasvinarnir” in Icelandic. Every single day from December 12th until December 25th, one of them visits the houses and lefts the children little presents or rotted potatoes – it depends on their behaviour.


Tomte (my personal favourite)

It’s little Swedish dwarf/elf with full beard and colorful hat, who lives under the floor, rides goats and gives children presents.



He’s the Finnish Santa Claus. He wears the same clothes, but he drives a wagon pulled by goats. How cool is that?


Ded Moroz

He’s an old man, who delivers presents to Russian children on New Year’s Eve. He’s accompanied by Snegurochka – his granddaughter and helper. He brings presents in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


Père Noël

Apparently, he’s the French version of Santa Claus. He’s got a team of reindeers, he lives on the North Pole, he wears a red coat and has a huge white beard.


And that’s it! Also… big thanks goes to my best friend, who came to me with this idea! ^^


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