Christmas presents tips: for her

Buying presents for my male friends is always a big struggle for me. I wish somebody could give me a list of things what guys in my age want, so I can get a thought about it. So, because I’m very kind, I thought I could give you my imaginary readers some tips on what teen girls like or would like to receive. I think it doesn’t matter if it’s for a girlfriend or just a friend, it usually seems the same. I would also like to say, these tips would work on me, but they may not work on your friend/girlfriend, so always make sure it suits her personality, lifestyle or so. 😉

1. Perfume

Probably the most common present for both genders. I know it’s a bit uncreative and unoriginal, but believe me: every girl appreciates a good perfume. However, you have to be really careful with choosing one. You should know what kind of fragrance she likes, you can obviously add some of your thoughts I mean, what would you like her to smell like. Don’t buy anything too aggressive, too sweet or too strong. Personally, I would go with something quite soft, gentle and graceful.  (For women, of course. For men, I like a little bit stronger fragrance.)

2. Scarf/hat/gloves

It’s cold, it’s getting darker sooner, everything slows down and that’s the perfect time to get cozy.  What else can be even more cozy than a huge scarf, warm hat and fancy gloves? A Christmas jumper. However, the point is: these pieces of fashion are small, usually quite cheap, they look very good and you can be sure they’ll be used. You can buy her a T-shirt, a jumper, a pair of jeans or whatever else, but I feel like most of the time, you really don’t choose the right one and it’s probably going to end up in a closet. Winter scarf, hat and gloves are the best clothes to buy.

3. Book

Yay, books. The love of my life. The great thing about buying books for me is that I’ll read them even if I don’t like them. I feel like starting reading a book and not finishing it is something like a crime. I always read a book until the very end. In the end, I might throw it away and say it was the dumbest book I’ve ever read, but I’ll finish it, that’s for sure. So, if your friend likes books and you know what kind of books she prefers, you have fairly easy way to go.

4. Notebook

Somehow, almost every girl I know owns a notebook. I also have one and I find it very handy. I use it as a school notebook, when I forgot the right one at home; I use it for random thoughts I get through the day; I use it for planning my blog stuff, school stuff and other stuff and it’s also very good for drawings or playing 5 in a row, when I get incredibly bored in Physics lesson. The bad thing about them is, they’re not very cheap, if you want your notebook to be fancy. That’s what makes them the perfect present!

5. Soft toys

That’s another common present, which seems a bit awkward, but when you make it nice and personal, you can have a great success. The perfect soft toy should be fluffy, made from nice material, ideal size and personal. By personal I mean it should be something the person you’re giving it to should have some connection to the motive. For example, I adore reindeers. We have only three soft toys in our house and all of them are reindeers, so I think it says something about my favourite animal, right?

6. Candles

Oh, another guilty pleasure of mine. ^^ I feel like I’ve already told you I adore candles and nothing changed since that time. I think a lot of girls like them, so if your friend is one of them, go and get it. Favourites smells so far? I think about vanilla or cinnamon. OMG AND MANDARIN!

7. Tea

Does your friend like tea? If so, you’re very lucky. Nowadays, it very easy to buy some very quality and tasty tea and a lot of shops offer you gorgeous wrapping, so you don’t even have to worry about your wrapping skills. Isn’t it awesome?! If you wanna make her more happy, buy some fancy mug, they’re very cool for any kind of hot drinks.

8. Cheating treats

Every girl is going to love you for cashews/hazelnuts in chocolate, raspberries in yogurt, almonds in chocolate with cinnamon or any other delicious, but not very healthy yummies, believe me.

The other two are more personal, so they’re for closer friends or even a girlfriend…

9. Photo collage

It’s very nice when you have printed photos with someone you really like. You can choose the best photos you two have together, print them, put them in a photo frame and make it a little bit more pretty with some message. Easy peasy.

10. Neckless

…or other accessories. I feel like I don’t have to tell you anything else about them. Just a great present, isn’t it?


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