My November Favourites

It’s finally December, yaaaaay! I’ve been looking forward to it since summer, so I’m incredibly excited to know Christmas is going to be here in 20 days. Along with that, I thought it would be cool to do some “November favourites” post, because I just feel like I need to show you all the beautiful stuff I got and personally like very much.

The first thing I probably like the most is a house for tealights. I saw it when I’ve been shopping with mum and we both knew that’s something we need to get. You put the tealight inside and it shines through the tiny windows, which makes it super cute. I totally love it.

Another one is also related to light and it’s the candle itself. However, this one is huge and smells like vanilla. I light it every day and it’s just… uuuh. Did I ever tell you how much I love candles? I think I’m kinda obsessed with them.


Do you want to know what else I’m obsessed with? CHOCOLATE! I absolutely adore dark chocolate, especially when it has like 75+ percent of chocolate in it and I was so lucky that I found a chocolate shop, where you can buy a fabulous chocolate. The ingredients are: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier and Bourbon vanilla extract. Isn’t it awesome?! (Well, except that sugar, of course.)


That was for decorations and food and now… the clothes. First of all, I would like to say a big thanks to my mate, who took all the photos, so: thank you, buddy! 😀 The blue hoodie is the best hoodie I’ve ever had. It’s so soft and cozy!

I also finally bought a Christmas jumper and I’m very excited about this one. Could be red, so it’s even more Christmas-y, but nevermind.

The last thing is my favourite book of this month. I’ve been searching for a really great book for such a long time and fortunately this month, I’ve finally found it. I was with my mum, doing some shopping and as we always do, we went to the bookshop. There was a huge number of books I would actually like to read, so I couldn’t decide which one to choose. When I was getting depressed, I walked in a tiny, not so popular part of the shop and I found my dream book. It was looking at me from the shelf and I just knew I want to take this one, no matter how much I wanted the others. I knew I need it. I’ve actually seen the film based on the book and I enjoyed it, but I thought the book can be even better because the story is based on a journey to clean the soul, which is a thing you can’t picture in a film. They tried and they managed to do it quite well, but they are not able to do it as personal, open and straight as I thought it’s going to be in the book. So, I slowly picked the book from the shelf and I came to my mum with a big smile on my face. She knew what happened right at the moment, I didn’t even have to tell her. She knew I’ve got my dreamy book. The book called Wild.

As you probably know, the book is a sort of autobiography, travelogue and a proper book all in one. It’s based on a real story, which means the main character is basically the author of this novel – Cheryl Strayed. She’s very complicated woman. She’s twenty-two; she has to get over her mum’s death, family breakdown and a divorce she caused with her infidelity. After the divorce, she finds a new boyfriend and she tries to use drugs, firstly marijuana, then heroin. She becomes addicted. Not just on drugs, but also on sex, which is obviously not the best for her. She’s suffering, but she feels great. One day, it all stops. Her ex-husband takes her back home – away from her new boyfriend Joe – she stops using drugs and she decides to change her life in a whole new way. She decides to spend six months in a wilderness. She decides to go on a hike, but not just a regular hike, she goes on PCT.

PCT stands for Pacific Crest Trail, which is a hiking trail through the West Coast of the USA. From the borders of Mexico to the borders of Canada. Through Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada, Cascade Range until the Bridge of the Gods. She starts out quite unready. She has no idea what does it mean to hike that difficult trail and she doesn’t even have any experiences with hiking in general. From the very beginning, she’s tired, exhausted and wanting to end it. However, she still goes on and that’s because of only thing. She’s motivated. Her body doesn’t want, but her soul needs to. Through her tough times, she thinks of things that happened to her in the past. She thinks about the death of her mum, her siblings, her poor life as an infidelity wife, her addiction to heroin and sex. She realizes how many mistakes she’s made and how fucked up she was. Basically is. But she goes on. Every step hurts her, but she still goes on. Goes on until her legs hurt so bad she just can’t walk anymore. Until there are only four proper toenails on her feet.

In the end, Cheryl comes to the end of her journey. Physically and mentally. She stands on the Bridge of the Gods, realizing she’s here and she’s done it. She completed the journey. She’s in the end, but… is it the actual end? Only Cheryl knows. She’s now strong enough to get up one her own legs and start a whole new life from a new perspective, strengthen with experiences from the PCT, where pain was kind of her drive and pleasure, not anything she should be ashamed of.

As you can see, I enjoyed the book very much and it made me slow down and think of my life a little bit. Hopefully one day, I’ll find my way to the PCT.


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