5 stages of studying for a test

Every time I take a test I go through all the stages, even I know I could study more effective than I actually do. I’m just lazy, but that’s probably every student’s problem, I guess.

1) F*** it.
I’m one of the lucky people, who don’t get stuck at this stage. However, I have few friends, who are constantly at this stage and I really admire their calm. At this stage, I usually end up procrastinating watching videos on YouTube, playing some silly games, reading, watching some films or TV series and… obviously, creating my blog. I’m always little bit disappointed by myself, but on the other hand I feel like I need some time to relax, when I get back from school. It would be incredibly difficult to come back from the school and start studying again. Everyone needs some rest, when he can turn off his brain and just have a while doing something pointless. (e. g. watching PointlessBlog, right?)

2) Okay, maybe I should study.
That’s the stage, when I realize I shouldn’t procrastinate anymore. Unfortunately it usually doesn’t really change anything. Only change is that I think about studying. When I’m in a good mood, I check what I have to study, but that’s the end, I’d say.

3) Studying.
At this point of progress, I finally start studying and I usually do it very well. I’ve got my own “way” to study, so I learn as much as I can in the shortest time as possible. It includes a cup of great tea, a few chocolate bars (I’m kidding, just a few pieces) and my bed/sofa. This is the way I can learn the most.

4) Now, I can’t change anything.
think you know these moments right before the test, when you’re revising all the things you should know and then, in the crisis point, you just give up. Well, maybe you don’t know, but I do. A few minutes before the test, I always say to myself that I can’t change anything and it’s gonna end up as it’s supposed to. In these moments, I usually chat with someone about something funny, I’m telling jokes to my mates or I sing some silly songs. And, I usually laugh a lot…

5) At least I’ve tried.
You take the test, you write down all you know and you give the test to the teacher. You sit down, drop the pen and all you can say is “At least I’ve tried.” Actually, it’s very accurate, I think.


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