November playlist

I don’t really know why, but November is kind of music month for me. I’m getting literally obsessed with some of the songs I listen to and so I think it could be a great idea to inspire you too. Here we go:

1) Adele – Hello
Okay, you probably know this song. The music, the voice, the lyrics … I mean it’s all so touching!

2) Mr and Mrs F – Love Is On The Radio
That’s probably one of the best love songs, I’ve ever heard. It’s a cover of a song by McFly, but Tom Fletcher is actually one of the members. Do you know what’s kind of  funny about that? Tom Fletcher sings the song with his wife Gi and they sing:
We could be married like Mrs and Mr, done
have a son done
we’ll give him a sister. they’ve announced they’re expecting a baby again.

3) Lily Allen – Fuck You
First time I’ve heard this song was when I watched Love Rosie. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the scene where this song was used. It was gorgeous, right? Later on, I found it on YouTube and you know how it goes on. I replay it at least five times every day.

4) Laurel – Fire Breather
This song makes me kind of uncomfortable. I mean, I don’t know if I like it or I hate it. The reason I like listening to it, is that it is unbelievably mysterious, which is interesting. It’s something different that all the other songs we usually listen to.

5) Christmas songs from Glee
I know it’s just 14th November, but Christmas is coming, right?! So I got quite obsessed about Christmas songs and I found this wonderful playlist of Christmas songs remade by Glee and I just fell in love.


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