Paris: Is it about the religion?

It’s horrible. I’ve been awake, when I heard of the attacks and I felt horrible. I was really tired, but I couldn’t sleep. “What the hell is happening? Why is this happening?” I was wondering. People say it’s all about the religion, but I don’t think so. Religion was invented by people. It makes groups of people, who believe in the same thing, but does it really describe the person? Of course NO! I don’t believe in such a thing. Religion is just a label, religion doesn’t mean anything. Not all the Muslims are bad. Just take a minute and think of all the things the Christians have done. They’ve also killed so many people. It’s not about the religion, it’s about the people. The worst thing is … you can’t find out until they show up. And, that’s quite late, as we could see tonight.

My mind is with Paris and I truly hope the 180 injured people will be well soon. I’m not looking forward to living in a war, but if it’s going to make a safer place for my children, then we should start doing something.


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