Guess who is back?!

Dear best friends,

I know I’ve already told you that I don’t want to write my blog anymore, but I wasn’t that sure, so I didn’t delete it. Nowadays, I’m quite grateful for it, because I’ve decided to come back, because I kind of miss writing stupid things for you and I see that some of you are still returning and checking on new posts. So yeah, I’m back!

Maybe you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. I’ve created a Tumblr photo blog, where I post photos sometimes, but I missed writing. I’ve created a brand new anonymous blog, but I missed my old style and English language. Today, I’ve visited my twitter account and I’ve found out this blog still exists, so I’ve decided to recycle it.

I’m still a vegetarian (for almost 8 months), I’m truly happy, I’m motivated to improve my language skills, I want to study journalism and I think about studying the uni in the UK. I have awesome friends (four of them), supportive teachers and I’m satisfied with myself… and I like it very much.

Loving you all and hoping to write some cool stuff for you in next few weeks. 🙂



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