“I’ve got a bad feeling”


Hello everyone. 🙂

It’s been a while since I typed my last post, I’m quite busy nowadays, so I can’t take care of my blog. The end of school year is coming, I’m planning a trip for my class and it’s a lot of things I have to do.
However, yesterday I was working in the garden. There’s a large tree in the garden and on the tree, there’s rope and hanging hammock. I wanted to relax for a while, so I sat on the hammock, slowly swinging. After few seconds I heard a strange noise. Something like cracking. Mum was just passing by.
“Mum, come here, I’ve got a bad feeling,” I said.
“Oh, I can’t. What’s up?” she continued walking.
She did two or three steps, the rope cracked and I fell down. It wasn’t very high, but still… Wooden pole, which was on the top of hammock, hit me in the face. Well, actually it hit my nose. Fortunately it’s not broken, but it hurts a looot and I’ve got kind of green nose. I hope the bruise will disappear until Monday, because I don’t want to go to school with bruise on my nose.


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