Surprise on a tree

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I was in the garden at the weekend and I found out, that spring is definitely here. Garden ful of colors, noises of birds and bees, fresh grass, warm weather and shining sun, what a lovely days. However not everything is as lovely as it seems. On Sunday in the afternoon, I was walking in the garden, sometimes taking some photo. I was just next to one small tree, when I heard some weird noise. It sounded like something fell out of the tree. First, I thought it was just some frog or whatever, but then I decided to check what is it. I slowly turned my head and I froze in terror. There was a snake. “Holy mother of Jesus! Fu**, fu**!” I jumped away.

I slowly looked on his head and I (fortunately) found out, that it’s just a grass snake, which is not poisonous. I can’t describe how much I sighed at the moment, when I realized it. Unfortunately, I was so shocked, that I didn’t take a photo (although I was holding my camera all the time in my hand) – I don’t know why, I was just shocked, frozen and.. yeah, like… yeah. Uhm. I delayed my camera and – just for sure – I left the garden. You know, just for sure. ^^


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