Dreamer’s resolutions #4

March is over! If there was a really succesful month in my life, it was March 2015. So much luck, happiness and fun! Hilarious, inspirating, interesting and pretty cool – that was my March. How my resolutions went?

1) To read The Picture of Dorian Gray. – Read! Although I was looking forward reading the book, I’m not very impressed. Maybe I’m not ready for this type of literature.
2) To re-read The Hobbit. – Still not.
3) To cook a dinner for whole family. – No problem. It was soya meat with baked beans, corn and Chinese noodles.
4) To type a post “Ten things…/ten ways to…” – It was a post called Ten Ways How To Be A Favourite Student. Who knows, if it is working. 😀
5) To go for coffee/to the cinema/whatever with my best friend. – I’ve been in the cinema, watching film “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” It’s one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen, guys. Go and watch it, you’ll die with laugh.
6) To go to the theatre. – Well, I’m going tommorow. Can we count it? I think so.
7) To complete the Eco-challenge. – I did it and I’m very proud of it. I’ve been a vegeterian for a whole month (I’m still) and I haven’t eat products with palm oil. I’ve read a pile of articles about vegetarians, palm oil and about nutrition. You should also read it, cause it has opened my eyes.
8) To meet people from HOCZ. – I couldn’t, unfortunately.
9) To sleep more and be on laptop less. – I’ve failed.

Resolutions for April?

1) To go to the cinema.
2) To write a review of some book.
3) To take some photos!
4) To make someone happy.
5) To help some old/ill person.
6) To start exercising.
7) To do maintenance of the garden.
8) To make more dinners, lunches… well, meals at all.

21095_10153249397998417_8233664765677333526_nHere’s a photo of me, taking the award for the second place in the literary competition.

nut2And here’s a photo of my home-made nutella from four ingerdiences and without palm oil!


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