Always second…

Do you remember the post with 50 + 1 facts about me? I hope so. Do you rememer the fact, that I’m always second? I hope so. Well, today, it happened again. I was at the announcement of the winners of one literary competition and as you could already deduce, I’m on the second place. Quite nice, I think. However that doesn’t mean I like second places. I still don’t like them. Even third place is better than the second. 😀

After the announcement, I’ve met one of the jujors – young journalism student Katka. We had a little chat about being a journalist, studying journalism at the university, about advantages and disadvantages of this job and so on. Did you know, that you have to take a test from English, when you want to study journalism? I like it, though. Katka was very kind and nice, she gave me her mail – she also told me to text, if I’ll have any questions, ideas, or whatever. Lucky me!!!

I hope you’re having a great time, because I have so.


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