10 Ways How To Be A Favourite Student

I don’t wanna seem high and mighty, but I really think I’m quite favourite student in eyes of my teachers. However it’s not just because of my (mostly) brilliant grades… if you want to be favourite and look smart, you have to do something for it. There are some of my tips, which usually work.

1) Always have your things.
It’s really important to have all the things, that teacher wants you to have. Even if you know it’s not necessary, bring your textbook. In the lesson open all your stuff and make your desk systematically tidy. One thing is, that you’ll look like very thoughtful student, the other thing is that you’ll have more sources to summary.

2) Forget your phone or book.
Never let your phone, book or anything else, which is not supposed to be there, lay on your desk. If you want to use it, then do it under the desk. even if you’re not using it, don’t let it lay on the desk. It seems like you’re not using it right now, but you’re going to use it later. You have to be inconspicuous.

3) Remember the details.
Always remember the details from the topic you’re talking about. Foreign names, science names, dates, etc. You don’t have to answer simple questions about the topic, but when teacher asks about the detail, it’s your turn. You’ll look like you know all the answers, but you just wanted to give a chance to your schoolmates. When you’ll show you know the details, you’ll look very smart.

4) Eye contact.
When the teacher looks at you, don’t dodge with your sight. Stay looking at the teacher. Squint your eyes. Bite your lip. Lightly swing your head. Try to look like you’re thinking about the topic and it really interests you.

5) Ask.
Ask questions about the topic… but don’t be annoying! One intelligent questions is better than five stupid questions. Also don’t ask the teacher in the lesson, come to him after. It’ll seem like you’re interested in the topic and that’s what teachers like.

6) Make notes.
Well, you don’t have to make notes, you can also draw or write some story, whatever. Doesn’t matter, what you’re writing, the important thing is you’re writing. Teachers like when the students make notes and when they’re not just stupidly staring or sleeping.

7) Read more about the topic.
Study on your own. Read more about the topic. After, you can impress the teacher with your knowledge. And it is impressing, believe me. Who – in these years – is studying more than he needs, right?

8) Don’t be very loud, don’t disturb.
Well, it’s obvious.

9) Be social.
People, who are unbelievably good students, but have no friends and no social life are boring. Be social. Hang out with your friends. Go to the cinema, to the theatre, to the tea room. If the place, where you are going, is in the same city as your school is and you meet your teacher, greet, smile, but don’t care any more. You’re with your friends and you don’t care about the school right now. You’ll seem like normal human being with social life, good friends and interesting evenings… bleh, you’ll not seem like that… you’ll be! ->

10) Make it, not pretend it.
Try to make it. When I said you can draw instead of making notes, well, you shouldn’t just pretend writing notes. Cause if you’re making them, you can remember the stuff more easily and you’ve got less work at home. Don’t just pretend you’re social, be social! Be smart! Intelligent! Be a favourite student!


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