Good Deed Day

I was in Brno with Janča today in the morning. We bought some food for breakfast, stopped in a bookstore for a while and then we went to the centre, where our final destination was. We visited Ceska street and Greenpeace’s information stall, because today is the Polar Bears Day! So we signed petition for stopping extraction of oil in Arctic. We also chatted with Greenpeace volunteer, we found out many interesting informations and I decided to become a volunteer too. I wanted to work for charity before, but now I think that Greenpeace is better for me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t depend just on me. If it would, I would register right in Brno, but I have to ask parents. And that’s what I’m little bit worried about. They’re quite conservative in things like charity, Greenpeace, vegetarians, homosexuals and so on. I hope they’ll respect my decision and they won’t mind.

When we were leaving the stall, we also invited them to make a dicussion at our school (it’ll be super-mega-awesome) and we took a photo with a polar bear. Then we met some musician on the street, so I continued in my “good deed day” and I gave him some money.

IMG_9308 IMG_9307

The last news is that I decided to accept one big challenge, but there’s special place for challenges on blog. Go there for more informations.


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