Awesomness of my mum


I’ve known it since I was little, but few days ago, I definitely found out that my mum is the most awesome mum in the universe. Not just because she makes the most delicious lunches and snacks, because she is so kind and nice, but also because of the way she talks with me and she supports me.

Few weeks ago, I was reading some article about studying at Oxford. When I finished reading, I came to the living room, where mum was sitting. ‘I’ve read a article about Oxford… it’s too difficult. I wouldn’t have a chance,’ I said. ‘Why? What’s the problem?’ mum asked. ‘Well, they have to read about ten books in one week, make three essays and study really hard.’ ‘Yeah… and what’s the problem?’ ‘Ten books? One week? Three essays? In English?’ ‘Yeah, I heard it. What’s the problem?’ ‘Mum? I just said what’s the problem.’ ‘It’s not problem. Not for you. If you would want to do it, then you can do it. It depends just on you. You’ve got skills for it.’ I just stared at her, making no voice. It was so motivating. Like… she believes in me so much. I probably won’t study at Oxford, because… umm… I don’t want to, but the way she said it, was really inspiring, motivating and reeeeally touching.

Other day, we were also sitting on sofa. I was going through TV channels, looking for something interesting… and I found Star Gate! ‘Look, mum! Star Gate! Wouldn’t you mind if I’ll let it there?’ ‘Oh, of course not. I like it.’ ‘Wait.. what?’ ‘I love the show! I always loved that kind of shows.’ ‘So why don’t you watch them?’ ‘Dad always wants different show.’ ‘Oh, right.’ ‘However, when I was pregnant with you, I was at home all the time. I was watching Star Gate and Star Trek every day. I loved it, really!’ ‘Are you kidding me? Then I know why I like the shows like that. I was watching them since I was tiny… thing!’ We were laughing and chatting about sci-fi series for an hour and I found out that mum is basically same as me. That’s probably the reason why mum likes Doctor Who. Every time I’m watching DW, mum comes and wants to watch with me. She is also fangirling David Tennant, which is little bit weird (cause in fact, I’m his fangirl too), but nevermind. We can watch every single movie/series with him and we are like ‘awwww’. Hilarious.
I love her. ^^


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