Dreamer’s resolutions #2

January was quite succesful month. I enjoyed it very much, I started to go to bed sooner, so I’m less tired. I also started to do some workouts, but… I already finished. I don’t have time and right mood for everyday exercising with Cassie. However I’m trying to do an exercise like twice a week (if I don’t count PE lesson, Fitness lesson and a hour of floorball on Saturday). Well, here are my resolutions for January and how I was doing:

1) To go to the tea room. – I went to the tea room on 29th with my schoolamtes. I also tried sheesha. (I didn’t want to, but they told me to!)
2) To enjoy a day with my friends (cinema, theatre, movie night, whatever). – After visiting the tea room, few of us went to my mate’s house. Her parents weren’t at home, so we were chatting and we had a coffee. Nothing special, but I enjoyed it.
3) To read The Picture of Dorian Gray. – Well, I haven’t read it yet. However I finally reserved it in the library!
4) To re-read Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. – I’ve read it and I just love it sooooooooo much.
5) To re-read The Hobbit. – Nope, I haven’t finished it yet. I’m reading it out loud for mum, so I have to wait for her having a free time.
6) To read any Doctor Who Quick Read. – I read The Sontaran Games. Quite interesting book.
7) To write czech book reviews. – I did a review of The Cuckoo’s Calling.
8) To have brilliant school report.Oh gosh. I still can’t believe it, because, guys, I finished with straight-A school report. Whaaaat?! I don’t know! I’m really proud of myself. I thought I’ll have B in Physics and Biology, but I did my last test excellent, so I have an A. I also thought I’ll have B in PE and Maths, but teachers decided to be nice, so they gave me an A. My average was really between A and B, so I’m glad they decided to give me A. It made me happy.

It’s time for resolutions for February:

1) To read The Picture of Dorian Gray.
2) To re-read The Hobbit.
3) To read The Dalek Generation.
4) To read The Silkworm.
5) To buy new watch.
6) To cook a dinner for whole family.
7) To type a post “Ten things…/ten ways to…”
8) To go for coffee/to the cinema/whatever with my best friend.
9) To go to the theatre.


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